Monday, December 02, 2013

I am late with posting this also - OFF THE WALL HUMOR

Only Carey would follow up a heartfelt Thanksgiving message with off the wall humor


Now... fasten your seat-belt for some humor.  Only Carey would follow up a heartfelt Thanksgiving message with off the wall humor but hey that's me.

Besides humor is good for digestion.  Unless of course you’re the butt of the joke in that case it could give indigestion.  Well I hope these turkeys help you digest your Thanksgiving meal or at the very least give you something else to chew on all day.

I finally succumbed and signed up for Obamacare.  But a strange thing happened; I was redirected to a witchdoctor in Brazil.
VP Biden had to explain to President Obama that Black Friday is not an extension of Black History month.
Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani has promised not to use nukes if the US promises not to force Walmart on Iran.
We all know Father Bush encouraged his son W to run for president so he could finish the job he started in Iraq.  Now Father Bush is encouraging his son Jeb to run for president to finish something else he didn’t accomplish, a victory over Clinton.
Question: Is global warming still relevant or has it melted away?
Something to think about: Republicans are always blasting and downing Obama as the worse president EVER.  Yet the Republicans lost twice to Obama.  What does this say about the Republican Party, hmmm.
Now some Cleveland Sports News
Cleveland council has voted in favor of 30 million dollars for improvements to Cleveland Browns stadium with most of it going for a new scoreboard.   A new scoreboard???  Why is one needed when the Browns never score is beyond me.
Some of the improvements though are understandable.  They will install TV screens on the back of each seat showing movies.  Finally Browns fans will have something to watch during the game.
Pittsburgh is the only city with two football teams.  They have the Steelers and they own the Browns.
How bad has it gotten for Browns quarterback Weeden?  It’s SOOO bad that there is a movement to bring back Charlie Frye.
Long long ago Pilgrims landed in America.  They lacked conveniences, braved all kinds harsh weather, did without just to settle this land for a better freer way of life.  Today people do the same.  They lack conveniences, brave all kinds of harsh weather, do with out just to stand in line for a cheaper flat screen TV.  We sure have learned a lot.
      Happy Thanksgiving!
       Carey Masci

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