Wednesday, December 04, 2013

who voted for SB193

Some surprises in this list of who voted for SB193 which will come back to haunt Republicans who did and it may hurt ALL Republicans from the backlash of third party supporters.  This time the Democrats have it right, IF you do your job you don't have to worry about a third party challenge. 

A thank you to Becker and Lynch for opposing their party and doing what is right.  Maybe its time for them to join the Constitution Party?  Would be nice.
Carey Masci
A law suit is moving forward against this bill - stay tuned. 

Ohio Senate and House members who voted for SB193

Balderson 20 (R)
Beagle 5 (R)
Burke 26 (R)
Coley 4 (R)
Eklund 18 (R)
Gardner 2 (R)
Hite 1 (R)
Hughes 16 (R)
Jones 7 (R)
Jordan 19 (R)
LaRose 27 (R)
Lehner 6 (R)
Manning 13 (R)
Obhof 22 (R)
Oelslager 29 (R)
Patton 24 (R)
Peterson 17 (R)
Schaffer 31 (R)
Seitz 8 (R)
Uecker 14 (R)
Widener 10 (R)
Faber 12 (R)
Nays – 11
Bacon 3 (R)
Brown 11 (D)
Cafaro 32 (D)
Gentile 30 (D)
Kearney 9 (D)
Sawyer 28 (D)
Schiavoni 33 (D)
Skindell 23 (D)
Smith 21 (D)
Tavares 15 (D)
Turner 25 (D)
Yeas - 52

Adams J. Adams R. Amstutz Anielski
Baker Beck Blair Blessing
Brenner Brown Buchy Burkley
Butler Damschroder DeVitis Derickson
Gonzales Green Grossman Hackett
Hagan C. Hall Hayes
Henne Hill Hottinger Huffman
Johnson Kunze Landis Maag
McClain McGregor Pelanda Perales
Retherford Romanchuk Rosenberger Ruhl
Scherer Schuring Sears Slaby
Smith Sprague Stautberg Stebelton
Terhar Thompson Wachtmann Young
Nays - 46
Antonio Ashford Barborak Barnes
Becker Bishoff Boose Boyce
Boyd Budish Carney Celebrezze
Cera Clyde Conditt Curtin
Driehaus Duffey Fedor Foley
Gerberry Hagan R. Heard
Hood Letson Lundy Lynch
Mallory Milkovich O'Brien Patmon
Patterson Phillips Pillich Ramos
Redfern Reece Roegner Rogers
Sheehy Slesnick Stinziano Strahorn
Sykes Williams Winburn

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