Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Friday's Find and How to Silence the Tea Party

I met with the publisher yesterday.  He likes my style of writing and finds it
easy reading as if I am talking to him.  Preliminary feedback from him is good
so now on to the next step.  Stay tuned.

Neat Find

Later in the evening I went to the Strawberry Festival in Kirtland.  Like almost
all fests in America it had little to do with what it was heralded for –
strawberries.  I did check out all the merchant booths including the Kiawanis
rummage sale.  The proceeds benefit their organization.  I found a very
old treasure, something I will be digging through.  It is a set of law books
from 1807 to 1830 containing court cases.  One is signed by the Honorable James Cutting, I believe the date is 1876.  
I asked the gentleman in charge if he could hold the books for me because I was short.  He replied instead of doing that and coming back what if I lowered the price? How terrific!  
I already started reading them and found one case about landlords that excited me.  Stay tuned for that also.

How to silence the Tea Party

After buying the books I handed him my Constitution Party card.  He asked if I
was running for office, I replied I already have been elected as chairman and
continued on with the condition that America is in.  He stated I am a Republican
and just about everyone in my county is one.  I explained why I left the
Republicans and how they drifted to the left.  He then started to boast well I
am with the Tea Party and look what they did with Cantor?  I asked what county
he was from and the reply was Geauga.  I then rattled of facts about the Steve
LaTourette - Dave Joyce connection and the defeat of Matt Lynch and ended
with this question –  So how effective was the Tea Party in Geauga County?  The
reply was I see you are informed and he walked away in silence.

Added Thought
I also talked with him about the decline of the Kiwanis and the Jaycees.  I said
at one time every city and town had those organizations filled and active.  He
said yes he is worried because their enrollment is way down.  
As the government gets bigger and bigger these old organizations that people depended on will grow smaller and smaller because they will look to government handouts.  The government taxes more, takes your money, gives it to others and instead of people getting involved with local charities they wait.  Your thoughts?   

OH if you find errors in this, get involved and edit for me.  The Constitution
Party can use you especially here in Lake County.

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