Friends, this is kind of a hard read because Jim Condit threw it together to get it out quickly.

Jim is running in District 8 against Boehner. He talks about election fraud amongst other wrongs going on in our country.

I remember just one example we witnessed on TV about number tampering. 

It was in the Iowa primary where Santorum was up and the numbers were just about all in.  Suddenly the numbers reversed and Mitt declared the winner, good night.

Weeks later when the momentum was clearly behind Mitt they quietly reported Santorum won.  And lets not forget Ron Paul.  With all his support do you really think he polled that badly?  I don't.

Commentary on some of the dynamics of the race against Boehner: 
The draw here is not me, but there is a candidate who believes in the Constitution (i.e., Constitution Party) that is running against the "political villain" John Boehner. It is generally people's desires to "strike back" at a Obama, a Hillary, a McCain, a Boehner, that drives them into action, according to most fund raisers.
Missing from the website, but coming, is a request for volunteers to help organize their block, and or stand at the polls on Election Day. There are about 250 to 300 polling places in Ohio Congressional District 8. We would probably need 10,000 to 15,000 block organizers to generate 150,000 votes, which is about what it would take to win. This will take $$ -- and my video going up will be asking for 10,000 people across the nation to commit $10 per month from now until Nov 2016 so we can have the umph to reach tens of millions of people (with that kind of money) via radio ads, and to mobilize people here in Ohio AND across the nation.
I would rather somebody be doing this organizing a Presidential campaign, but I can do it from running a congressional campaign -- thanks to the internet. It is NOT ridiculous for me to run a congressional campaign where my radio ads bought in Cincinnati (WLW & WKRC) and also on major Dayton Talk Radio stations will reach the entire district, or a large part of the district with each radio ad.
The other problem is getting the votes COUNTED by the Butler County Board of Elections, and the other county BOEs -- all of whom have stepped aside and handed the entire counting process over to one of the four mega-corporations which count 96% of the vote in the USA, and their partners and protectors at National Election Pool (NEP) in New York City, owned by ABC, CBS, NBS, CNN, FOX, and AP Wire. In the Ohio Congressional 8th District, my votes will be counted 100% by one of these mysterious mega-corporations (Butler County uses ES & S (Election Systems & Software) out of Omaha, Nebraska.
After running at 20% or so all night as a Constitution Party candidate in 2010 against Boehner -- as shown on NBC, MSNBC, CBS, the ABC website, and local channels like Channel 5 in Cincinnati, I finished with 36,202 votes and in 2nd place behind Boehner -- when the FIRST final count was published at 12:30 AM EST on election night. 20 minutes later, the SECOND final count was posted -- stealing 33,000 votes from me, and giving them to the Democrat Coussoule (this was through no fault of his or John Boehner's) -- it was done by the boys in NYC at NEP. Since the reporters at the Cincinnati Enquirer wanted to go to press and go home, they took the FIRST final count at 12:30 AM and that's what appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer the next morning, a copy of which I have, and which will be going up on the internet soon (that had me with 36,202 votes, not the 3,000 or so votes of the SECOND final count, after the boys in NYC did their dirty work).
I am glad to do a conference call with anyone interested on this all important subject -- for this "easily rigged computerized election" scam has been used since the 1970s to bring us where we are today in many, many key races. My race against Boehner may not be considered "key", even by members of our own Constitution Party. The reason they dropped me from 36,202 (2nd place) to 3,404 or so (last place) -- is to send the message to all challengers and all patriots: give up. It's hopeless. Your efforts are futile. No one likes you. ---- I'm sure that having Constitution Party after my name, in addition to my radio ads, was the reason I got 36,202 votes in 2010 against Boehner. Beyond those that recognized me from my radio ads (a minority, I think), I could have been Suzy Smith or Johnny Jones and still gotten the 36,202 votes because I had Constitution Party after my name -- and people felt comfortable casting a protest vote for a Constitution supporting candidate.
The solution is to get, say, 10,000 block leaders who educate their neighbors to request a mail in ballot, vote, take a copy of it, send the original to the BOE in their county, and send a NOTARIZED copy to my campaign, keeping a copy of the notarized document for themselves. And let the BOE know we are doing this. That is the ONLY to insure anything like a fair count under the black box "voting system" in place in 99% of the USA, not counting a small part of NH, where they still do it right, in a verifiable, transparent manner.
To verify what I have said above:
1. Go to and look at the link near the top of the home page which says something like: "Proof of Vote Manipulation in Condit-Boehner Race 2010". There you will see the screen shots from the actual websites throughout the night, including the FIRST final count with 100% of the precincts reporting, AND the SECOND final count, 20 minutes later.
2. Go here: to see the naked admission that all the major TV networks and AP own NEP, which has sole control of ALL national and local big media websites on election night. This is why all the websites at all the different stations, both local and national, changed at exactly the same second -- they were all changed from NEP in NYC. Since, excluding part of NH, no citizens, candidates, or local reporters are allowed to see ANY ballots on election night, and since no recounts can happen until 21 days later or so, and since those asking for a recount must SPECIFY which precincts they want recounted -- there is plenty of time for the vendors to send in "experts" to make sure the ballots that come out for the recount make the published results on election night "come true." Remember, Sec of State John Husted confirmed at The Farm wedding Reception Hall circa Sept 2013 -- that all counties in Ohio sign a contract with the vendors that the public officials are NOT allowed to view the software which tells the computers what to do on election night. NEP was known as Voter News Service (VNS) before 2003. After the 2000 election -- the name became too stinky, so they changed the name and kept absolutely everything else the same. Via cell phone and satellite technology, AP and or one of the other networks can go inside the voting computers on election night, monitor what is happening, and then alter the vote if it isn't coming out "right." ---- See the articles "Pandora's Black Box: Did it really count your vote" by Dr. Philip O'Halloran, and "How a Private Company Counts Our Votes on Election Night" by Christopher Bollyn, which is an eye-witness account from Cook County, Illinois in 2004 -- both of which are down the right hand column in the royal blue box at the home page of
3. Call your county BOE and ask them what provision there is for citizens to count any ballots on election night to make sure the computers have not been programmed wrong, by accident or on purpose. You will find there is no provision, and if you persist a bit the BOE officials will probably tell you that they order the police to arrest anyone who try to see any of the actual ballots on election night. (Just like in any 3rd world country dictatorship.)
4. Votescam: The Stealing of America by the Collier Brothers, 1992; our Cincinnati story is summarized in Chapter 12, "Strange Bedfellows".
5. Black Box Voting by Bev Harris, a book free online at
6. The HBO documentary movie, Hacking Democracy, sometimes free on line in parts at You Tube; My dad and I were filmed from this movie, the story Bev Harris and the producers accomplished took all 90 minutes as you will see if you watch it. Notice the part in Cleveland near the end where honest reporters turn on the Cleveland BOE and suddenly asked them how they chose the precincts to be recounted in the 2004 election. The Cleveland BOE workers are at a loss. --- Also, ignore the suggestion that the Bush family and the GOP control the easily rigged computer systems. I told all involved and many more across the country in 2006 early that they would look foolish as soon as the Shadow gov decided it was the Democrats' turn. NEP, owned by the 5 TV Networks and AP is above both the RNC and the DNC, and undoubtedly work for those behind the international banks, such as the FED, Goldman-Sachs, the IMF, etc. etc. The RNC and the DNC at the national level, two wings on the same bird of prey (as Pat Buchanan said), are also animated by these Banksters, thus the dilemma we are in.
7. Two videos I made: "South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul" on You Tube, 10 min; and "Watch the Vote 2012 - Iowa Caucus" (first 12 min or so) also on You Tube. You might also find interesting the article, "A House without Doors", published in 1996 in Chronicles magazine, and linked down the right hand side of the home page in the royal blue box at (Yes, needs to be updated also.) This article is about how we proved vote fraud perpetrated against Pat Buchanan in 1996 in Dubuque county, Iowa, and how this fits into, and proves, the overall picture I've painted in this email on easily rigged computerized elections, although the Iowa Caucus was an open Caucus, and that's how we proved the fraud. But the same principles, tricks, and crimes used in computerized elections were in play.
Jim Condit Jr.

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