Monday, April 21, 2014

Check Point Charlie in Willoughby Hills - A couple of replies

Carey, I agree with you 110% it’s becoming like a police state. I had something close happen to me a few years ago from the local PD. I stopped to drop a friend off at what they called a "known drug house" because it was raining. Because I didn’t use my turn signal they pulled me over and searched my car. Finding nothing they apologized and sent me on my way. I knew there was nothing in my car but if I would have refused the would have towed it and it would have ended up costing me hundreds of dollars because when a wrecker tows a car on a 911 call they automatically jack up the price, then there would have been court costs etc. etc. 
    Here's the thing, if they know it's a "known drug house" why don’t they get a search warrant and go in and bust everybody??? Here's why, because they can make money off of "out of towners" by arresting them, towing their car, court costs, etc., ect., when they come in to buy drugs from those guys. Instead of stopping it at its source they can make money off of "weekenders".
    If they bust the drug house violators the can’t make any money off of them, in fact it will cost them money by putting them in jail.
It's all about the money especially since the economy is down and tax revenue is low because many people are without work.
Even though they won't admit it that’s the reason, it's all about the money Carey, not about the people anymore, and that causes corruption in the system. Feel free to post this where ever you wish. It's the truth, the new hate word!!!

                      Thank You, Brian 

 I have had more than a couple of run-ins with Columbus cops already, and I do not even have a car, I am in a wheel chair, it's been over other issues. I am always looking forward to the next run-in but I never intend to shut-up.

I will add to this more in the next day or two.
  Carey Masci

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