Saturday, April 19, 2014

check point charlie in willoughby hills

Wow was I seething mad Friday night (Saturday 1:30 am) flames probably shot out of my nostrils.  I just left Denny’s after having a good time with family and friends and headed out to work.  Many of you know I work late hours running my janitorial business.

 I turn right onto Rt.6 from Bishop Rd and in front of Loehmans Plaza in Willoughby Hills there was a OVI check point.  Just seeing the sign sent me into a rage.  So I whipped my van into the nearest parking lot to take an alternative route to work when I noticed a cop car pull out and start to follow me.

I didn’t get to far when his lights came on.  I threw my van into park even before it stopped and bounded out of it right up to the cops car yelling at him on the way.  He didn’t even have his window rolled down when I laid into him.  YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO STOP ME, WHAT IS YOUR BADGE NUMBER.  He yelled get into your car.  After a brief shouting match and him still sitting in his car I went back to mine.

He then came up and demanding my license and I demanded back NO YOUR BADGE NUMBER which I got before I finally gave him my license.  I ripped into him, I know why you stopped me because I refused to go through your check point which is unconstitutional.  He insisted he every right to do so because I didn’t use my turn signal.  I said you are not playing that game.

Another car pulled up and he joined in.  I laid into him also saying I refuse to see America become like Russia with these check points, there is no way this should be allowed.  He started in with my turn signal which again I refuted.  Back and forth we went with cop number two saying how 90% of policeman love America as much as me or more and they don’t want to see America like this either and in Russia it’s much worse plus these check points have been declared constitutional in many courts across the country.  I said these are small steps towards making it like Russia or worse.

The first cop came back and gave me my license.  I sensed he was not completely keen on these check points either after the talk I had after I calmed down a bit.  I actually shook his hands and said I will not put of with this and see America’s freedom go, there are plenty of ways to take them off the road (drunks etc…) with out this.

Friends, we had all best get an attitude like I had tonight, maybe not necessary jumping out of your car but being vocal and showing where you stand.  Are you with me or not?  I remember when I had the issue with Euclid and their housing policy that almost made me homeless.  Where was everyone to fill that court room when I was subpoenaed?  3 friends showed up.  What I am getting at, we are so concerned with regionalism, the Bundy ranch, all the high profile cases but when
are people going to get active when one of us gets stopped or hassled locally, we had better start being there for each other.  This country of ours as we know it is slipping away.

Thursday night a similar situation happened in Kirkland with a cop following me.  I pulled into the account I maintain when his lights came on and again I got out of my car and let this cop know what I thought of his stopping me for no reason.

  Carey Masci
Anyone care to voice their concern to Willoughby Hills I can email their address to you.

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