Friday, August 08, 2014

Carey's Latest News

Gay Olympics Are Here in Cleveland WIPPEE & WHOOPEE
A few races are scheduled one is the Run for Your Life. Participants line up on the border of Cleveland and have to run a course through East Cleveland and back after that is drag racing.

There is at least one event change, the arm wrestling competition has been canceled due to limp wrist.

Breaking news in case you haven't heard..... a cease fire has been declared in the Gaza Strip. Palestinians need to gather more rocks and Israel had to run to Walmart for more bullets.

Latest breaking news.... both sides Israel and the Palestinians are now rearmed and ready to resume round 50.

License needed to sanitize?
Talk about a government that has lost touch with reality and that would be the US's. I opened a booth at the Painesville Antique Co Op. I brought in to sell an upholstered chair. The manager saw it and said you need to get that sanitized before you can place it here, for a chair that size it would be $25. He handed me a price list for the cost of spraying everything from stuffed toys to bedding.

I was only asking $25.00 for the chair so why even bother. Needless to say I was not happy at all. He asked how old is that chair? I said it has to go back to the early 60's. He said in that case it is exempt because anything 50 years or older doesn't need to be sprayed.

Think about this.... if I would have brought this chair in last year it would have been only 49 years old and would of needed to be sprayed but one year later it doesn't. If that isn't bad enough in order to disinfect items you need to get licensed to perform the service and it is quite expensive and needs to be renewed periodically. I watched the co op spray a couch and the sprayer used is no different that an average garden sprayer. The person applying it had on regular clothes, no special gear.

Now you know why all those red tags at second hand stores.

Another co op story.

People are so simple. I had a green glass liquor decanter with three glasses, originally there were four but one broke. I priced it accordingly but it sat for months. I thought about it and said to myself I will remove one glass and see what happens. The set sold within a week and I didn't even change the price. In my thinking - a nice decanter with two glasses and an extra one if one should break but in most people's minds its an odd set with one missing.

No wholesale
A friend owns a food trailer that he sets up at festivals and special events. He was looking for a new sausage provider. He went to a local butcher because he likes their product. The butcher told him I can not sell large quantities, only retail not wholesale because of regulations, I would have to comply with all sorts rules.

So the food vendor can't sell what he likes and the butcher can't expand his business unless at a heavy cost so he could comply to our governments rules.

No tellers
Fifth Third bank in Wickliffe has got rid of all their tellers, all they have now is ATM's.

Also underway is a push to go paperless and do your banking online. When I was offered that service I told my teller I won't do that I am protecting your job.

I understand that using online banking is a Godsend for the elderly and those who are homebound but if the computers are hacked where is your paper trail to prove your worth? Or is this exactly why they want us to go paperless to get rid of currency and use strictly debits which so many of us already use? Like John in Barberton said is this a way for them to make us all equal, one press of the button all your records are erased and everyone is worth the same, nothing.

Economic Rebound
The economy has picked up. For those in the Cleveland area it is not because LeBron is back. The reasons are the price of oil has fallen, there is gridlock in Washington with both sides fighting each other and also most of our elected criminals I mean politicians are on best behavior because it is election year. Sorry to sound so boo hiss but I see this as fools gold - I do hope I'm wrong.

Garbage Nonsense
I am so tired of the rules that keep changing concerning trash pick up that I have been pushing more things into the street that trash collectors refuse to pick up out of frustration.

For instance a painted dresser will be picked up but a can of paint won't. A large dresser will be picked up but a large branch or pieces of wood won't. So I figured a way around this. If I have a can of paint I no longer need I just open it and pour it on top of paper cardboard or whatever then wrap it up and toss it and the can away. If they say anything I will just say it is an art project gone wrong.

As for the wood it has to be a certain length but if I put the long pieces of wood in my yellow yard waste container they will get picked up. It doesn't matter how much is sticking out of the trash container they will pick it up. Maybe someone can explain this nonsense.

Next posting I will share the epiphany

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