Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Carey-cast for August 30th

Obama made this statement regarding Isis.
I am disheartened by these senseless acts. Americans can do better. Dropping large buckets of isis on your heads do nothing for no one. Give your money to me, the government and I will see it is spent on useful projects like wind-farms and promoting gay athletes. So please no more buckets of isis.

Welfare and food stamps have been promoted and doled out so generously that many Americans no longer know what Labor Day is.

Obama and EGore are still very concerned about climate change. Both have a vision where one day there is no lows or highs but all the seasons will be equal.

The people of Ferguson, Mo who destroyed the city now expect the government to rebuild it. The people do have a point, after all we destroyed Japan and then rebuilt it. We destroyed Iraq and then rebuilt it. We destroyed ....

I read an interesting fact posted in a limo office. It said in just 5 seconds reading a text message you drive the length of a football field. I think the Browns should try texting.

Browns receiver Josh Gordon was given a year suspension for substance abuse. Ravens running back was given a two game suspension for spousal abuse. The NFL has made it clear they are more concerned with how you treat your drugs then your woman.

That's all!
Carey Masci

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