Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Tax Dollars Being Flushed

 Hey Gang,
Your tax dollars are being flushed - literally.
Recently I stopped at a rest area on Rt. 86 in Chautauqua Lake New York.

Let me tell you... this has to be the most elaborate rest area I have ever been to. It's way over the top.

What's inside of this beautiful structure nicer than a lot of homes? A empty room where pay telephones use to be, a small room for vending machines, another small room with travel brochures and an information desk with more maps and brochures and an attendant to answer questions about tourism or routes. Oh and of course a men's and women's toilet with a family toilet squeezed between.

The outside is equally as nice. Its beautifully landscaped and cared for with a view of the lake that is awesome.  You could actually spend an afternoon here picnicking, its that nice.

I remember years ago most rest areas were sort of park like, a more natural setting, just a parking lot with trees to park under to get some zzzz's. For conveniences there was a hand pump for well water and pit toilets. Yes I do appreciate the more modern flush toilets but come on, are tax dollars really being wisely spent? Wouldn't a plain brick building with toilets get the job done as easily? After all what I am leaving behind is not a prized possession.

I think our taxes are being flushed away.

Gotta GoGo!!

ps: I need to add... it is scary that just about everywhere you go they are removing pay phones. Even the attendant here at the Chautauqua rest area agreed with me that removing them is dangerous. Suppose you have an emergency and you have no service or your cell phone fails with no one around? Now what?

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