Thursday, September 04, 2014

“Oh Republican Party you've done it again!”

Mr. Magoo speaking... “Oh Republican Party you've done it again!”

Last Thursday I helped man the Freedom Alliance booth organized by Kathleen Jagodnik at the Geauga County Fair. We had an unexpected visitor join us, State Representative Matt Lynch.

The reason? Matt Lynch's banner that read:
No Common Core
No Obamacare
NO Illegal Immigration
No Compromise
with Matt Lynchs logo above that showing a GOP elephant with a cross on its saddle circled by words Faith Family and Freedom was not allowed in the Geauga Republican Booth.

Rep. Lynch was so upset he joined us and hung his banner in the Freedom Alliance booth with a short note that read: 

This is the banner that was not allowed to be hung in the Geauga Republican Booth.

The Republican Party no longer has to pretend to be a party of the Christian Conservative Right. If the endorsement of the Gay Games by the Cuyahoga County Republican Party wasn't enough, this refusal to hang a sign that stands for what we believe in by the Geauga GOP is the icing on the cake. The GOP is now out in the open.

If they endorse homosexuality, won't openly embrace a hard-line stance with no compromise on common core, Obamacare and illegal immigration, we need to ask what does the GOP stand for?

Other than the excitement generated by Rep. Lynch I had a great time at the booth. Just about everyone who stopped was receptive and eager to learn.

When you are involved you think everyone has to know by now what our government is doing but that is not the case. I informed more than just a few on Agenda 21 and Common Core. People are fed up and just want their freedom back.

After my time slot was done I found the Geauga Republican booth. I wanted to see what was up with my old party. One volunteer I riled up a bit to the point she needed to do deep breathing exercises.

My conversation teetered on back and forth and going no where real fast. She refused to acknowledge that not allowing Lynch's banner in their tent was wrong. She also squabbled with me on the definition of what is a family. According to her she believes in family but her definition and mine might not be the same. She never did tell me what hers was. And she refused to admit US Rep. Dave Joyces 48% conservative rating was not worthy of her support. All she kept telling me is I support the Republican ticket over and over again with that I left.

Every time I turn around the Republican Party gives me a surprise. As Mr. Magoo might say - Oh Republican Party you've done it again!”

Lake County Chair Constitution Party of Ohio,
Carey Masci

You can learn more about Freedom Alliance at 


Anonymous said...

You had doubts? :) - Gale Palmer

David Macko said...

You have another choice. Vote Libertarian. See, and
I support the principles of the banner. Repeal Obamacare and Common Core. Enact Operation Wetback II to end the invasion of illegal aliens.

For life and liberty,
David Macko
Libertarian Candidate for Congress
Ohio US House District 14

Carey K. Masci said...

And Dave Macko - I have said this before and will keep repeating it. I believe you would and will if elected.