Monday, August 25, 2014

Unstable Oil Prices

When this county was founded America was trying to get their new currency started and stabilized. Some from England were manipulating and gambling with the US dollar to undermine the country.  It almost worked as it put the young  country into a early financial bind.

What we are seeing today is the same thing with fuel, it is being manipulated.  This started under Bush where we saw WILD swings with fuel.  It is still going on under Obama.  The average person cannot hold onto their budget because they can't save or keep up with the market.  Oil not only runs our vehicles but is in so many products.

Speculators and globalists in BOTH parties are allowing this to destroy our economy and currency in increments.  That's why you see gas go down, the economy perks up, then it shoots back up, this slows the economy down, this is paving the way for a new global currency.  IF they destroyed the US economy all at once this would throw the whole planet into a depression 10 times greater then the 30's.

Even what Obama is pushing for now an increase in minimum wage to $10.15 per hour is part of this plan.  A lowly Whopper could cost $5 or more.  They are destroying the dollar. 

The world's commodities are based on US currency.  Soon the world will demand to dump the dollar as it is too weak and not stable and want a new global currency which means a one world bank, one world currency, one world rule.


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