Thursday, May 28, 2015

China talks of war with the US?

Read what I wrote in 2012 paying close attention to the bold italics. then clink on the link below

Sent: Sunday, May 27, 2012 6:08 PM Subject: returning home, memorial thoughts

Friends I am reporting in from Ninoy Aquino Airport in Manila, Philippines waiting for the return flight home. What a long flight about 35 hours or so of airport and flying time. What a trip it has been. I never did the tourist thing, I got to experience the Filipino way of life. Tourist spots are OK to relax but if you really want to know the people and the city or country you are visiting you have to get away from those areas and boy did I.   
I was in an area called Mindanao. It is one step away from being restricted to travel. Muslims and kidnappers not only target Americans which are a prime prize but also any Filipino that appears well off or has a position such as a doctor, nurse, teacher, politician to name a few.                                          
There were things in the Philippines I liked 100 times more and then there was times I wanted to be home. One reason I wanted to return was because I really felt like I was in jail because they did not want me walking around alone. When Walt was here we didn't listen. He walked behind me watching my back and every so often I would turn around to make sure he was OK. When he left I had had enough of being locked in my room waiting until someone came to get me so I ventured out. But clearer thinking prevailed and my walk was short.

This made me reflect on the holiday we are about to celebrate in America, Memorial Day. It is because of our founding fathers AND all the veterans who fought to give us our freedom that we can go out in America without fear. And in neighborhoods that aren't safe we have the right to bear arms to keep ourselves safe. Not like in the Philippines especially Zamboanga where people do not like to go out late at night or in certain areas any time of the day and carrying guns are frowned upon. Even though the Philippines are a free republic how free are they really, domestically and from foreign invaders?

I talked to quite a few Filipinos about the stand off with China who are encroaching into Philippines waters to fish and also for natural resources. They talk of being crushed unless America intervenes and stands with the Philippines. They have a Filipino word to describe this. That word is balikatan which means shoulder to shoulder. So unless America stands shoulder to shoulder with the Philippines they are doomed. That's how they view America, the strongest nation on earth.

In closing ponder this. A person is considered a hero when he saves a family member or friend. How much more is a person a hero who saves the life of a stranger?                                                           Now go one step further, how about risking ones own life for a stranger in another country?       Would you give up your life to secure freedom? Would you put your life on the line to free a country in bondage?
Veterans have in the past and still do and how many have lost their lives in doing so? What is freedom worth to you? Enough to give up your life?

Have a safe Memorial Day!
Carey Masci

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