Tuesday, May 05, 2015

The answer - As Baltimore Burns

I laughed when I received Time magazine in the mail today. The cover reads. America 2015/1968 What has changed. What hasn't Keep reading you will understand why I laughed, maybe they are reading my blog – Ha!
Alright Friends, are you ready for the answer? I will tell you this, the guesses I received were all wrong.

Those quotes and paragraphs below were taken from U.S. News & World Report August 14, 1967. Yes it is in my magazine collection. When I read it I immediately thought of Ferguson, Mo. and now Baltimore but it could be any riot of today.

The point I want to bring out as much as we think humans progress and learn we don't! We are constantly doing what we did. I use to wonder how could the bible be relevant today, those people lived thousands of years ago and rode around on donkeys and camels and lacked any modern conveniences but besides those differences man is basically as he was, human nature has stayed the same.

So should we just disregard these current riots as it will be OK, this happened before. Absolutely not. Every time something like this happens America slips a notch. In 1967 more than 100 cities had riots. The cost to Detroit alone was close to a billion dollars. Where is Detroit today? Not all can be blamed on the riots but it has played a large part in Motowns decline.

Furthermore every time there is a mass riot with large scale looting and burning it's a step closer to the federal government taking more control of your life by instituting more laws and a bigger police state. And we know from the past where that can lead - think Hitler, Stalin, and Mao just to name a few.

What is the answer for these problems of today? I can tell you what was suggested back in 1967. On the last page is an article written by David Lawrence. The last two paragraphs of that article read:

We have been talking.... about a “Great Society”. But we now realize we have a disordered society. It is not just a question of providing material benefits. We must also reiterate and impressively sloganize the words from the Ten Commandments.
Thou shalt not kill... Thou shalt not steal... Thou shall not covet thy neighbors house... nor any thing that is thy neighbor's.”

But that won't work in today's politically correct society where man's laws continue to grow and the importance of God lessens every day. And we know where that leads once God is removed, it leads to communism which is another lesson from the past that America is failing.

In red I put the names of the people who wrote the articles below:
As Baltimore burns....

Another step towards a police state and another step backwards towards racial unity. Are all blacks to blame, no – but will all blacks pay – yes and that is what's sad.

Here is a test that I hope all will participate. I want to see who can guess what incident these articles are talking about and who wrote or said them. I changed a few words and omitted some names not to give the answer away and did not write the whole article. So lets see who is paying attention.

In the follow up I will make the point I am trying to bring to the forefront of all this madness and of course tell you if your guess is right. Now the test:

1. Governor Romney of Michigan speaking about President LBJ I think the President of the United States played politics in a period of tragedy and riot. Hours elapsed between the time I asked for help in putting down rioters.

2. Negro Writer George Schuyler …. millions of whites have fallen for the line they are responsible for the evils of slavery. The successful black has been downgraded as a self-seeking opportunist; the jobless, embittered, violence prone black has been idealized as the true voice of the people. … greed, brutality, racism has been the most consistent weapon of Communists in their efforts to undermine free society's. The black upper class has been frightened into silence by the local and national Pied Pipers who are leading gangs of dropouts and delinquents and the criminally inclined astray. The agitators gather crowds by blaming whites for all the African American ills, while the responsible black leadership either defends this falsehood, remains silent or whimpers we didn't really mean it after cities have burned to ashes.

3. I could not locate the authors name for articles 3 through 6 Americans to date have given little heed to.... that guerrilla warfare would be waged in the US. … are being organized in the US to bring the collapse of capitalism and imperialism. The struggle is in the streets of the US. Warning of a Communist scheme to exploit blacks and confront the US with a civil war. .. concept for the US is racist: black men against white men. Terror is the major weapon.

4. Outside agitators have played a role in this years riots.

5. One fact has emerged from the wave of rioting and looting, many are not economically deprived.

6. Businessmen are totaling the cost of riots – damaged stores, stolen goods, higher insurance, lost sales. Also over the long run homeowners and businesses outside the riot area will pay higher insurance rates as a result of losses from the riots. Some businesses may leave never to return.

7. David Lawrence Many have wondered if a conspiracy was behind the scenes of the riots. The evidence indicates that subversives as well as outside agitators some with communist connections have helped to incite many of the disturbances. When unwise leaders exploit this behavior we could witness a backlash from whites which can lead to anarchy.


Anonymous said...

They didn't listen then, either! - Gale

David Macko said...

Obama and his handlers have made race relations worse than since he late 1960s.