Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Some humor – some serious and some serious humor

Some humor – some serious and some serious humor from the past few months that I accumulated through emails I sent or posting from my Facebook. I am sure there is something in here for everyone to want to hurl a brick at me, oh well sarcasm and the truth must march on.

At look back at Baltimore.... Because of the riots the Orioles had to play in an empty stadium. And if Indians doesn't start winning soon they will be the second teem to be playing in an empty stadium.

The Baltimore incident was so reminiscent of the 60's protests and riots. Where the burned out CVS store stood was a sign that read - Colored Vandals Strike.

The Browns are sticking with Manziel though they promise he won't be starting, which is a good thing, every time Manziel starts he closes the bar.

Some question though if the Browns are really sticking with Manziel or if they got stuck with him.

At a recent event Manziel was being harassed by a fan, Manziel threw a water bottle and hit his target. So it looks promising for bigger things to come for Manziel, like sitting on the bench and throwing the Browns water cooler.

Patriots fans have to deal with a deflated football while Cleveland fans, well we deal with deflated hopes and dreams.

Bruce Jenner said he is a Republican. The GOP welcomed that news. They have been looking for a replacement drag queen since Rudy Giuliani stepped out of the spot light.

What does Amtrack and Obama have in common? Both are on the fast track to destruction.

The Republican Party will be hosting plenty of events in Ohio which is fitting because Ohio is a swing state and a lot of Republicans do swing, just ask Dennis Hastert.

McDonald's is in financial trouble with hundreds of restaurants closing. Their new sign will read BILLIONS AND BILLIONS LOST

Vice President Joe Biden has been warning everyone of climate change and how typhoons can flood the earth. Vice President, I read about Noah. I know about Noah. Noah was warned from up high. Vice President, you're no Noah.

Now some seriousness
How far has America fallen? I spoke with an owner of a small hardware store who was complaining about the economy. I mentioned the damage Obama-care is causing. He replied yeah but the good thing is we will be dead and not have to deal with this anymore. How old is this man? Mid 50's at best. The hope of America is quickly fading - in its place is apathy.

A friend who works at Costco told me how her health care plan and benefits were negatively affected by Obama-care. How many more stories do we need to hear before our politicians do something? Unfortunately our two party system will never rid us of Obama-care.

In March I called AT&T and complained about my phone bill being raised. I was given a promotion rate of $19.50. I asked how long would this last and the answer was this is my new rate. I received my May bill and it was back to the raised rate. I called and they are not sure who gave me the discount but the best they could do was a deduction of 50 cents. According to AT&T the rate increase was due to an increase in taxes.

Smart Meter advice from Michael
Smart Meters are a threat to health and privacy. One was installed on my house several years ago without my permission. It was installed on the outer wall of my bedroom, so I placed a copper plate and an auto battery on the inner wall to shield me from the radiation. My house has aluminum siding, which is also said to act as a shield against the harmful effects of Smart Meters.

Is this a case of irony? The snack bar at the recently opened Antiques & Uniques has been delayed from opening. There was an issue with the placement of the fire sprinklers. There was no sprinkler placed in the storage room. When they questioned the inspectors why they weren't notified sooner the reply was the building that houses the permits and plans was burned down. That's what I was told, if some in the Painesville area knows what building this was let me know so I can complete this story.

That's a wrap, brick hurling can now commence.
Carey Masci

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