Friday, August 14, 2015

a late assessment of the first Republican debate

I am having a difficult time dragging myself to the computer to write anything political. Personally I am dealing with a few tragedy's and politically people have completely lost their way, I am tired of the nonsense.

However here is a late assessment of the first Republican debate which I had a hard time watching. I turned it on about a hour into it, just no passion or incentive to watch it. Years past I almost felt it was an obligation to watch but as you educate yourself realization settles in on how debates are staged events. Hard hitting lines have strategic spots to say them, what the candidates say are well rehearsed, its all staged.

In my real word this is how a debate should be to keep it somewhat organized but free flowing with candidates having to stand on their own. . A moderator throws out a topic. The first candidate to buzz in speaks on that topic for up to 3 minutes. If he strays the moderator cuts of his mic. Then each candidate after the three minutes are up can buzz in to have their say for one minute, if they don't buzz in its their fault. If any candidate rambles on about another topic in his rebuttal the moderator could cut of his mic also.

Nonetheless I did watch the last half or a bit more, did it change my mind who I would vote for? Yes for about a day and then I went back to reality – none of the above.

I sum it up this way... Trump hit a home run, he did a magnificent job, what a performance and the Establishment quietly made strides in getting their man in.

On a quick note:
Cruz gets a zero as he is not qualified. I don't care what anyone says as this is fact, he was born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban father. Is he Canadian, American or Cuban? If we are trying to restore this nation shouldn't we adhere as closely as possible to the original intent of the Constitution? We challenged Obama's legitimacy as president but now we are willing to vote for Cruz because he is a Republican? If we allow two consecutive presidents who are not natural born citizens what will stop someone who is an illegal from being president or how about someone who moves to the US when he/she is older from another country. This is a slippery slope. It needs to be stopped NOW.

On other notes:
The son of New World Order – Thousand Points of Blight Jeb Bush looked bored.

As I told you, Ben Carson may be a good man but the Carson Show won't make the late show. He will fizzle. He did nothing in the debate that stood out. Not forceful enough.

Huckabee should stick to his TV show. America likes the jokes and the jabs by this man but that's all.

The two candidates who I think will either be the nominee or make a good strong run are.... Rand Paul and John Kasich. They didn't disappoint. Rand scored points with the Establishment when he pounced on Trump for considering a run as an Independent. If Rand was so into stopping the erosion of our Constitution and freedom why would he not run independent or support someone that would run independent if it meant going against an Establishment New World Order Republican candidate? Kasich did well enough for his base which will be broadening.

I wrote this on Friday, November 23, 2012, 2:23 Here's my prediction for 2016, no for sure winner but some heavy favorites. They will try to woo Chris Christy he may have a shot at the nomination but won't make it.  The man to keep an eye on is Kasich of Ohio and unless time gets the best of her Hillary is now making her move.  She will be a tough force to take out.  The GOP could be left wandering for years as they had their chance and squandered it

The tables are being set for Kasich. Ohio is an important swing state. The first debate was held in Cleveland, the Convention is in Cleveland. Kasich may lose some Christian Tea Party support but in the end they will vote for him as they always do who ever the nominee for the Republican Party is. And forget about polls, McCain was at the bottom of the heap before he wrestled the top spot away.

Now about Trump. I heard countless times people telling me they couldn't wait to hear what Trump has to say at the debate. It actually saddened me. Instead of voters looking at substance and real issues they are looking for the candidate with the most slam dunk lines. Is this what we have resorted to entertainment debates? So Trump did his job. He hit a home run just by being there. A record number of viewers tuned in. There was excitement and energy something that would have been lacking in the GOP debate if not for Trump. All of the candidates best thank him. They have a common target to go after and people are watching.

Trump is a puzzle though. One part of me predicts he will at some point bow out and throw his support to whoever the establishment wants. Hey he did endorse Mitt Romney over Ron Paul. Or his ego could get in the way and he could run as an independent. How would he govern as an independent with no platform or party behind him, I don't know that either. Time will tell or maybe I will figure it out before then and tell.

Carey Masci

Where's John Kerry? I still think we will be seeing him shortly.


JIm said...

You must have been watching a different debate. Maybe from Uzbekistan.

Carey K. Masci said...

Where did I err? Maybe in the first half or so that I didn't watch. Explain.