Monday, September 21, 2015

Another debate ended and what was proved?

I thought I better write something and let you know I am here, overwhelmed with things to do but I am here.
Another debate ended and yes I watched most of it. I thought the setting was wrong though. They were lined up in front of Air Force One when they should have lined up in front of a hot air balloon.

So someone help me please, HELP, I think my head is going to explode. Wasn’t it Trump who constantly dogged Obama about his birth certificate? Wasn’t the Tea Party behind the Obama is not qualified as he was born in another country rant? But now we have Rubio and Cruz running for president on the GOP side and it no longer matters. In fact when I bring this up to people who were adamantly opposed to Obama because he was not a legal president are now saying I never made a big deal about it besides Cruz has an American mother. SO WHAT! So did Obama.

I will repost what I wrote after the first debate.
Cruz gets a zero as he is not qualified. I don't care what anyone says as this is fact; he was born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban father. Is he Canadian, American or Cuban? If we are trying to restore this nation shouldn't we adhere as closely as possible to the original intent of the Constitution? We challenged Obama's legitimacy as president but now we are willing to vote for Cruz because he is a Republican? If we allow two consecutive presidents who are not natural born citizens what will stop someone who is an illegal from being president or how about someone who moves to the US when he/she is older from another country. This is a slippery slope. It needs to be stopped NOW.

Because of this I don’t take much stock into anything this group says. They are after all Republicans first and foremost. So someone help me understand. An evangelist visiting a local church here said God's choice for the next President and Vice president are Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee. HUH, why would God speak up for a candidate that is not legally qualified? Once more, don’t get it – sorry!

And Huckabee who is supposed to be a man of God compared the GOP candidates to the A team. Why would a man of God give props to a field that contains candidates who are for civil unions and or not fighting the Supreme Court decision for redefining marriage, legalization of drugs, and soft on life issues? Remember I was a Huckabee delegate in 2008 but now, nope.

Does the GOP even have a strategy? The answer is yes they sure do, it is replaying their old ads but changing a name. In ’12 it was beat Obama over and over again. They thought they could crown Mitt, throw him out there and save the dieing elephant. Today that battle cry is beat Hillary. Here we go again folks. No vision, no nothing other than beat a Democrat.

And so it is… divide the people into two classes - Democratic and Republican. Most Democrats are happy they know what the party is about and accept it but the Republican tent is in disarray. Some Republicans are thinking we will change the party; some don’t want to change it and the one candidate, Trump, that many are circling around we really don’t know what he will do or where he stands.

Is it any wonder when people ask me and I keep telling them the same thing? Plain and simple I will vote third party. You can fight while I do the right thing by voting who I believe in. YES more than likely there will be a third party candidate you just need to do the research. Would you care to join me and do the right thing?


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Anonymous said...

Exactly, but it gets worse. Besides the ineligible ones; Cruz, Rubio and Jindal, the front runners are Trump the lobbyist, Fiorina the displacer of 30k lives to China in favor of the bottom line and bonuses, and Carson who is ok with some form of amnesty and gun control, and another Democrat big government Bush.

Who does that leave us with in the Republican camp? Rand Paul who is pretty good on most issues; except he supported McConnell, wants a balanced budget amendment which will legitimize unauthorized govt spending, term limit amendment which would not stop termed out legislators from becoming lobbyists, supports federal taxation, and supports amnesty. GJoy