Friday, February 08, 2008

For those who forgot what scoundrels the Clinton regime was read this. Its no wonder why we have no jobs left and our dollar has fallen. And even though this is mostly about Bill, Hillary's hands are just as dirty and involved in every one of Bill's scandals and underhanded deals.
Carey K. Masci

As I drink my night tea or morning coffee I will work my memory bank to remember all the other scandals and research them as they come to me, its a long list that almost has no end!

A Chinese Naval Base -- at Long Beach by Patrick J. Buchanan March 13, 1997
And last year, Johnny Chung, who gave $366,000 to the Democratic National Committee, showed up for a Clinton radio broadcast at the White House, with six Chinese in tow, including an adviser of Cosco. The president begged off being photographed with his guests, which raises a question: If Bill Clinton is leery of being seen with these characters, why is he giving them a Long Beach naval base?...

From Wikpedia
Clinton made it one of his goals as president to pass trade legislation that lowered the barriers to trade with other nations. He broke with many of his supporters, including labor unions, and those in his own party to support free-trade legislation.[36] Opponents argued that lowering tariffs and relaxing rules on imports would cost American jobs because people would buy cheaper products from other countries. Clinton countered that free trade would help America because it would allow the U.S. to boost its exports and grow the economy. Clinton also believed that free trade could help move foreign nations to economic and political reform.

Dece 30, 2001 Rome Treaty
Overturning Clinton's Midnight Action on the International Criminal Court

Investigating The President - CNN

Selling of the Lincoln Bedroom
AllPolitics - Bedroom Bucks - Feb. 26, 1997

AllPolitics - Buddhist Nuns Admit Destroying Documents - Sep. 4, 1997

AllPolitics - Travelgate Report OK'd - Sept. 18, 1996

Also do your own research on the death of Vince Foster, the Clinton's stealing items while leaving the White House, Jenifer Flowers, Whitewater, there is more! Boy don't you just get a warm and fuzzy feeling all over again thinking of the Clinton's returning to the Whitehouse?

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