Monday, February 11, 2008

Governor Huckabee protests Washington results
Governor Mike Huckabee is protesting the Washinton results and he should. How can they call a race when all of the votes aren't counted? McCain was only ahead by less than 230 votes.
The GOP best get a handle on this and quick. They have already alienated a large majority of the Republican party by not only endorsing McCain but also prematurely coronating him King. Let the people decide!
Of all the elections I have witnessed and all the history books I have read this has got to be the most slanted and pre-chosen of any! Why don't they just do away with the election process and quit fooling with us? All of us knew the Dems and the Clinton propaganda machine would do anything to get Hillary in and on the Republican side its the person of their choice. The same strong arm tactics telling Obama to back off are even more at work telling Huckabee - sit down!
Well folks this race ain't over! I told you Pat Buchanan was wrong when he said Mike Huckabee has no where to go the south is done. Mike Huckabee took Louisiana by a slim margin but he still won. These talking heads are throwing this election. Even though with such a large lead its unlikely that Huckabee can over take McCain its still up to us, the foot soldiers, to keep the pressure on and to keep the election process honest, miracles can happen and have.
Other thoughts I have....
I just wonder if the results being released early by Kansas didn't work against Huckabee. McCain's crew knowing that, might have drummed up even more of his people to get out to vote. Right now I am cynical of everything.
Its amazing that dishonest Mitt is still drawing votes. People just don't get it. And what was Duncan Hunters supporters thinking? In Louisiana he drew about 300 or so votes. Don't those people know he endorsed Huckabee? When a candidate endorses someone you should vote who that person endorsed. When races are this close three hundred votes is a lot.
How do you reach the uninformed masses? If not for them there would be a lot less dishonest politicians elected.

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