Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Friends Words Speak for a Lot of Us
The email below was written by someone I know. I was told I could forward it on but he said "I do not need repercussions at my level so please do not include my name."
His words are the sentiment of a lot of people.


I think the biggest problem is the State Republican Committee Chairmen. We just had a dinner here ( I wouldn't go) and the Chairman of the Warren County area pushed to have the party members into backing McCain. It seems they would push for the Devil as long as it is a Republican and not a DEM. even if this Poster Child is not what we want. The media picks this up and makes it "Gospel". No one wants to face McCain with his deeds of the present... Feingold, Immigration, Keating, etc. and especially his debacle of the POW-MIA issue of the 1992 Senate Select Committee where he went hand in hand with Kerry... the one we fought against... using that info to get our present POTUS in. Now that info is forbidden by the GOP Party Politic. The media will not report the past of McCain.

McCain has done his photo ops with "Veterans" all around him and with Tom Ridge as a Campaign Manager. Tom thinks he is Arm Candy for McCain but I see someone who I watched change as he rose in the ranks and snubbed those who originally helped him. There is even a call from PA for Ridge to be his running mate... I have to swallow the bile that just came up.

If McCain is the Poster Child in the end, XXXXX and I are going to write in "Dolores Alfond". She was personally attacked by McCain during the Senate Select Committee POW-MIA Hearings of the 90s. Her brother was missing in Vietnam ( Right now there is a problem with the remains they gave her a few years ago) She is also at the head of the National Alliance of Families who are pushing for H Res. 111 calling for a House Select Committee on POW-MIA Affairs for ALL of our wars to include the Cold War. McCain is afraid that the committee may open his files of his captivity. It is the hopes to open all files pertinent to the issue and investigations. I wonder what he wants hidden as he was adamant that a bill be squashed that would allow for that very same investigation to occur.

I hate to say it... but if Huckabee can't push McCain to the curb, the Republicans deserve their asses spanked and forced to eat 4 or more years of the DEMS in power because they couldn't come up with someone more acceptable to the party. In that case.... the child needs chastised and taught that just throwing out ANYTHING is not acceptable. Even drug addicts and alcoholics need to hit bottom before they truly want to rise above their discretion's. I am still a Republican as of Feb 11 but it just keeps getting harder to do with a party that does not listen. I am looking at the other parties... Independent, Libertarian, Constitutional...... never DEM. We all worked hard to help Bush get elected.... miles and money, now I go no where and spend very little but for our local. Even that may disappear.

I agree with you Friend, I also campaigned so much for W I felt as if I was running for President.

I just heard something very exciting. Rumor has it Judge Moore with Allen Keyes as his running mate may be heading the Constitutional Party! This could get interesting as the Evangelicals, Christians, Conservatives and disgruntled Republicans and Vets may just flock to this third party!!!
Think about this..... in '92 we had Bush Sr. running who did not live up to his Conservative billing, hence Read my lips, running against him was Clinton and a third party candidate in Ross Perot. This year we have McCain who is not a true Conservative, we may once again have a Clinton running so could we also have a strong viable third choice? This time I don't think people will let the opportunity slip away.



FreeOurPOWs said...

Amen and Amen.

McCain is no Patriot. A True Patriot would NOT step on the efforts to find out what happened to those who were left behind, dare I say, abandoned?

Even if the hildabeast or the black separatist with the muslim name win, I will NOT vote for McCain under any circumstances.

We beat him in 2000 and we will defeat him again.

11 Smiths for Huckabee said...

Please help us get this video out to Texans by posting it on your blog, then emailing a link to all the Texans and all the Huckabee supporters you know! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhApGSuT2BY

Thanks, and GO HUCKABEE!