Thursday, February 07, 2008

Interesting facts and my observations of the '08 presidential race.

In Florida two things stood out.
Mitt received more votes from the Evangelicals then Mike Huckabee. Christian and Value Voters are buying the lie from the media and Romney's own ads that paint him as a social conservative. He isn't! Look into his record as Governor, only recently he changed. Mitt's Mother who ran for senate in Michigan was a pro-choice Republican. And do I even need to mention again his pro-gay agenda in Massachusetts?

The other one that shows how misinformed and stupid people are was the group of voters who are are anti-establishment and upset at Bush. They went for McCain! He has been around since 1988. I don't even need to further explain the irony in this.
Another irony.... this was suppose to be the election of change. Both parties have as the front runner Washington insiders, McCain and Clinton. What change is possible with these two, you have their record. What you will be getting is more of the same.


The first time a black has made it this far and is only a step away from the nomination.
The first time a woman has made it this far and is only a step away from the nomination.

Early in the process there was two Italians and one was a cross dresser.

If Clinton and Huckabee win their parties nomination we will have two candidates from the same state, Arkansas. Who would win that battle in the bid for presidency?

After the scandal ridden era the Clinton's left Arkansas in, Hillary still beat Obama in that state. Once again people are stupid.

In the south Obama a black man is winning and in a predominately white state as Iowa he won also.

Its all about money
Its a shame, can you imagine if Huckabee had Mitts wallet? He would be running the table. He is very competitive now with hardly any ads being run. And he still refuses to take off his gloves and fight back. The man is so positive and good for this country.

As for Mitt, I don't hold it against him that he has money and is using it. What I find totally intolerable is the way he uses it to distort facts.

Clinton's is running low on money. Hillary said on Anderson Cooper that she lent her campaign $5 million and reiterated it in the same breath. Some of her campaign workers are now working without pay but she made sure it was known that she LENT the campaign money. Typical Clinton.

Pat Buchanan its time to retire. When asked if Huckabee has any chance left Pat replied No, he has no where to go. The south is done.
Help me out here, is Louisiana in the south? What about Texas and Virginia? Or Mississippi, N.C. and Kentucky! Pat has no where to go except home to retire. Good night Pat!

I dedicate this to all the supposed Christians and friends of mine who think because I don't have a national show I am full of it.
In the I told you so category.
I told you to shut off the main stream media such as Ann Coulter. Her and Glen Beck have both come out publicly and said if McCain gets the nomination they will vote for Hilary! Its one thing to protest and maybe not vote or vote third party or even write in a candidate but to vote for Clinton is detestable. They have lost what little credibility they had.

Now the Republicans are running around as if the sky is falling because they are worried the Conservatives won't come out and vote. Why should we? The establishment, media and Mc & Mitt alienated us by their social stance and remember that Value Voters debate that they didn't attend, the debate I keep reminding everyone about? Its haunting them!!!!! I am still insulted. They won't be getting my vote either.

The anti-McCain cry I warned you about is at a higher fervor than even I expected. If he gets in he will do so with out the majority but about 35%. That's due to the crazy way the Republicans have the primaries set up in some states with the winner take all. Mc wouldn't be winning by such a large margin if the delegates won were proportionate.

And I said this to the point of redundancy, but will say it one more time, the way for the Republicans to win is with the Conservative Right, I encourage you to take a step back and look at Huckabee again. He is our only choice and hope!

And lastly in the I told you so.....
I said in May '07 the Establishment would push for McCain and he would win.
Lets pray I am wrong on this one.
Lincoln and King Jr.
I got to thinking of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. If both were alive today they would have such mixed emotions to the point of heart ache. Both of them would of been excited to see a black man as president and both of them would be saddened that it is one who is pro-choice and as liberal as Obama.

Hope this gives you something to think about.


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