Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I know the bible says to call no man a fool so I am violating its word but thats exactly what you are if you think you actually own your property. Let me explain.
I spoke with an attorney today and he said if I retain him I can no longer blog and inform anyone of what is going on. I understand that in some cases you can jeopardize the outcome of the ruling but in this case its cut and dry. I am not in the least bit worried of what I may say as its the truth and maybe this attorney isn't afraid of that either, but what is he afraid of is the city will come down even harder on me, make an example of what happens if you challenge or speak ill of their rules and regulations. Is their any freedom of speech left in this country?
As for my statement you are a fool if you think you own your own property, maybe in some parts you may have more owner rights but in a city like Euclid you are basically leasing the house or land. At any time, they can and have issued violations, imposed their will, entered premises upon threats, taken property away and sent people to jail. It doesn't matter if you are responsible for the payment on the house or if the house is paid in full if Euclid wants it or you have spoken up for your rights as I have, they can and will take it.
Read what someone sent me:

"As for euclid what can I say they took our home and no one helped us they almost took my kids away from us I cant help you sorry no one can. They are the government."

Its sad when a city the size of Euclid can do this to families.

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