Monday, May 11, 2009

Somethings never change.

Somethings never change.
Today we grumble about the illegals that come here and take jobs away because they offer cheap labor. But did you know that some whites complained about slavery for the same reason?
I was just reading an article in the Kentucky Explorer about President Lincoln that my friend, Millard from Kentucky, sent me. The article was about one of Lincoln's speeches he gave on the bank of the Ohio River in Cincinnati aimed at the Kentuckians who crossed over to hear him. This article states: the audience were poor whites whose lives were greatly affected by the institution of slavery in the Commonwealth,..... as a result of slavery, hovered economically just barely above subsistence. Their low wages were the direct result of the competition with free slave labor.
Haven't we learned anything? NOPE! Slavery, illegals, sending out jobs to foreign countries who underpay their people or use slave labor, its all the same. Whether its 1860 or 2009, in the end, we all pay for this injustice as our wages keep falling to keep pace with the cheaper labor. They get exploited, and we barely make a living.
Where there is injustice, everyone suffers.


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