Sunday, May 24, 2009

My memoriam for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a holiday that is so different than the others. Christmas, Easter, and the rest of the holidays are festive occasions that are easy to greet someone with have a happy or merry or enjoy the holiday. But how do you greet someone for Memorial Day? After all it is a day of remembrance for those killed in war. Sadly Memorial Day is turning into a day that we associate with a long weekend, the kickoff to summer, the first picnics. Maybe we should have a memorial to remember what the true meaning of Memorial Day is..

I know what the true meaning of Memorial Day is but I personally have expanded it to include any veteran who is no longer with us. I could make a blanket statement and say something like remember our veterans who have served and made a difference in this country. But instead I would like to honor one veteran in particular this Memorial Day. He didn't die in battle and hardly ever spoke of his duty in WWII but I know he served his country well and his involvement help shape who he was. He trained in Arkansas and was stationed in France. I frequently think of him. His name was Grandpa Maurer. He passed on about 17 years ago. A man of character and a huge heart who would help anyone. He frequently spoke of a great injustice that he tried so hard to petition the government to overturn. It was the Notch Baby law. When ever I hear that term I think of Grandpa Maurer's struggle. Any person that is cheated it is unfortunate but even more so when it is a veteran. Grandpa Maurer thank you for your service, you are not forgotten.

I decided to expand the meaning of Memorial Day even further this year. This may seen like a contradiction of my first paragraph stating what Memorial Day is all about. If you think about it though, its really not a contradiction, because why did all those veterans serve and put their lives in harms way? To promote freedom and ultimately secure our freedom here at home. Its very sad that America is more than half way to being a socialist country. Daily it seems we lose another freedom and another God given right.
So the freedoms I would like to remember is the rights that were taken away from me, the freedom of being able to use my own house as I see fit to help a family member in need and my freedom of speech. I was told not to blog or write anymore hate mail. I never considered it hate mail. All I was doing was telling the truth about what was going on. America the land of the free..... and yet I had to spend a night in jail because of my decision to have my nephew stay in my house and the legal battle is still not over.
Our forefathers, fellow man, relatives, neighbors who were either drafted or volunteered to secure our freedoms only for our elected officials to take these freedoms away is tragic.

In memoriam to all who served and are no longer with us, veterans who gave their lives defending our freedom, Grandpa Maurer and our freedoms and God given rights that we have lost.


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