Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another email I received concerning the shooting in Arizona

Another email I received concerning the shooting in Arizona.

This one came from a friend who forwarded a posting from her friend of what he had on his Face Book page. In so many words it blames people like Glen Beck for the shooters rampage.
He wrote:

The most succinct comparison I have heard on the matter is that the flu bug takes out the weak people first. When you create a climate of violent talk, when you fill the airwaves with chatter about "enemies of the state" and "second amendment solutions," the sane people among us will take it for what it is: entertainment at best, vote-grabbing nonsense at worst. But it should come as no surprise when some nutjob hears it as a call to action and acts accordingly.

I presume that Glenn Beck will come on the radio and TV tomorrow and will state that he does not condone violence of any sort. Maybe he'll even cry a little. But then he'll launch right back into his moneymaking talk that some lone nut out there will see as a call to action. I'm sorry, but the man has blood on his hands.

Don't get me wrong: there are just as many nutjobs on the fringes of the left as there are on the fringes of the right. For every AR-15 toting Tea Bagger who takes the Gadsden Flag just a little too far, there’s an owl-loving, bomb-making Weatherman type on the left. But Glenn Beck's speaking to the ones on the right, and any action that they take in response to his callings is readably foreseeable.

At the end of the day, the only ones out there who can bring about a cessation to Glenn Beck’s violent rants are his fans. If his followers would simply tell him to take a chill pill, and tone it down a few notches, we’d all be better for it. A little more panic to help Goldline's sales and a little less coded calls for violent action.
This man must live in a bubble, a warm and fuzzy bubble.

What I try to tell these people over and over again without success is what does Glenn Beck or others like him have to do with the erosion of freedoms America is facing? They are just the messengers.

Is Glenn Beck, Rush, Sarah Palin, and others like them, responsible for the devaluing of our dollar? Run away debt? Inflation? Joblessness? People losing their homes?

Or what about other issues such as failing to protect our boarders and yet we as citizens have to get passports? The removal of crosses even at sites that honor vets? Forcing the homosexual lifestyle upon us? Mandatory house inspections such as in Euclid where they issue warrants if you do not allow them?

Or how about something like the freeway walls that are making people feel trapped and boxed in?

I could go on and on with serious issues facing America that are giving people the sense of hopelessness. Did Glenn Beck or the others create any of these? Of course not.

Maybe I am wrong, but to me Glenn Beck is an opportunist. He reminds me of the fake healing Evangelists who didn't live the lifestyle or believe in God as they preached. Did people get healed and saved at these revivals? Yes, but it was the words of the message not the messenger who did the work.

Is Glenns message right on? YES! Does he speak the truth about the consequences America is facing if we don't change our ways? YES!

But all Glenn Beck is is just a mouth piece for the people. You can shut him up but Americas problems won't go away and people will still be on the verge of revolt or they will take matters into their own hands and do senseless things. That's what hopelessness breeds, the messengers.... they just tell it like it is.

Carey Masci

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