Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Its starting - added comments

As we go back and forth issues warnings of whom will be blamed lets keep in mind the people who had their lives cut short. I know I had to check myself and put things in perspective as I immediately upon hearing the news emailed everyone warning what was to come without truly thinking on the lose of life.

So lets not be like the Liberal/Socialist/Democrats whom seem to have pushed aside the real horror and are doing much finger pointing ready to pounce on this opportunity to implement their agenda. Lets be aware but lets not forget the real tragedy. Sad!
Continuing on.....
Right after I emailed everyone in my contacts I received replies. These are the comments:

Are you aware that Congresswoman Giffords was a Blue Dog democrat, and not a bleeding heart liberal like Pelosi? Did you know Giffords voted against Pelosi becoming minority speaker? The kid was 22. What the HELL is in a 22 year old kid's mind that makes it "understandable" to commit this action? Explain this to me. (name withheld)

OK I will explain!
NO HOPE! That is what is understandable.
Have we not removed God from everything? Have we not created class warfare? Have we not created a dependence on government? Have we not preached gloom and doom with the green movement that says the sky is falling? Have we not made our country unstable with little in the way of economic hope for the future? Have we not screwed with peoples minds with going against the laws of nature by promoting homosexuality?

And do we know that this lady was shot because she was a Democrat or was she shot from a socialist nutcase because she was not liberal enough?

I understand this and it is only the beginning. And again the media will blame Christian Conservatives, get ready for it. Read history and about Hitler, we have seen this before.
Follow? Or should I go on?

Do we know that the assassin is not a communist who was upset that Congresswoman Giffords, who is being described as a 'moderate' or 'Blue Dog' Democrat, was not supporting Obama's communist policies completely enough? Or that he was not a programmed, mind-controlled government agent whose action was designed to further restrict our God-given rights, especially those guaranteed by the First and Second amendments? Or that the powers that be wanted her dead for some unexplained reason? She was reported dead by several networks before a correction was made.

Also, don't call him crazy. His attorneys could use such allegations to avoid the death penalty.

For life and liberty,
David Macko
The right is already getting blamed by the Pee Dee
Perhaps the Tree of Liberty is thirsty?

Carey - I believe the motive has a 50/50 chance of being either by a socialist who believed she was too moderate and being by someone who was against illegal immigration (which we should be against it) but for all the wrong reasons. Perhaps it was the context in which you used the word "understandable" that confused me. Given all of the criteria that you've listed, it is "understandable" or rather, comprehendable that something like this could happen. When you remove God from the schools, you remove conscience from the schools. I understand that. What I don't find "understandable" is how a 22 year old is arrogant enough to think he has suffered enough that could even remotely warrant shooting a bunch of people in cold blood. Giffords is Pro-2nd Amendment, and she herself owns a 9mm glock which she didn't think she would need to bring to a local gathering. Thanks to this NUTCASE, one of the few democratic allies that the 2nd amendment had is either going to have too much brain damage to be a supporter anymore or will be scared into changing her stance on the 2nd amendment entirely. Stupid people are the reasons why there are warning labels on everything. And dangerous and reckless people are the reasons why politicians think that some liberties must be infringed upon.
I believe in freedom, too, Carey. But all to often, we forget that true freedom is only possible in a moral society, as one of our founders (I forget which one) so eloquently opined. The liberals and socialists are a large part of why morality was purged from the schools, and thereby, freedom. Whether it was a deranged perversion of a conservative or whether it was a fabian socialist, either one should be prosecuted. Unfortunately, AZ no longer has the death penalty, because in this case, I think they should have kept it. I do not believe that this was a random act. I believe there was a definitive purpose and motive, to kill Giffords and to take some of her supporters and/or constituents with her. Maybe some of the people shot weren't even people who voted for her, but instead people who wanted her to listen. I suspect both left and right wingers were killed in this act.
I will continue in another posting.
Carey Masci

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