Sunday, January 09, 2011

The loss of American Independence! NE Ohio/Pa beware

This was sent to me by Bernie who is keeping tabs on this regionalism issue. REGIONALISM IS BAD! Another socialist term for spreading the wealth. They have chased our jobs away and now they want to leach onto each other thinking they can save money and share. Its like hooking up an IV to a dead person only to drain the living.

Read this one sentence I copied from the attachment:

Speak to NE Ohio/NW Pennsylvania/Mahoning Valley Region as One Voice in Terms of Land Use

Where this goes who knows, less land and property rights for you? More than likely.
Carey Masci
Here is the second round of Ashtabula county planning Commissioners proposal on collaboration of Economic Development program! I call it Sustainable Development, where the Governing Bodies of Ashtabula County are talked into a Regional Ideology hoping for prosperity for their regions, what they do not understand is this Regional Initiative will only prevent the citizens of their communities the right to have any say of who controls these programs, the decisions will be made by Private / Public Partnership committee people! The next thing for these Regionalist is to destroy the Constitution of this United States!

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