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things you need to read and careys presidential prediction for 2012

Friends this is long but its things you need to read about. So grab some coffee and read it in segments.
If you haven't heard, Cleveland - which usually includes the surrounding suburbs, won the top spot in another top ten list. This one for the fastest falling home values.

Check out this article titled "Home Prices Are Falling Dangerously"
Of America's largest urban housing markets, Cleveland seems to be deteriorating the most. Home prices in Cleveland dropped a frightening 3% in September alone.

And yet the local gov of Cleveland and the surrounding suburbs like Euclid just don't get it that people have little to no money and/or equity in their houses and yet fee's and taxes are continually going up up and awayyyy!!! The cities are broke because the people have no jobs which makes them broke but the city expects broke people to balance their books. Someone explain to me how this is suppose to work? The more taxes are raised the more people flee. You would think that if less and less people are living here, less services would be needed so why the need to raise fee's? It seems simple logic to me but maybe I'm wrong.

I Just received my property tax bill for the two bedroom house I own in Euclid. I bought the house in 2003, taxes were about $965 per year, house was worth $69,500. The new property tax is $1,745 and value is at $61,000 and this is with many improvements in 7 years. Add to this figure the trash, street light, and inspection fee that adds roughly another $300 per year. I should be charging way more than I do for the rental but I know my tenants now are finding it hard to pay the utilities. So even if I agree with these raises and want to pay its the lack of revenue that is the issue. Anyone out there listening?____________________________
I heard something on the news that made me stop what I was doing so I could call a few friends and tell them. This was broadcast on MSNBC. The analyst said: OPEC raised output. This means higher prices for oil. They had to, to decrease global demand for oil. I paraphrased but its very very close to what this person said. Usually when output is increased, prices decrease, now we are seeing the oposit. And who is THEY?

During the Bush years we constantly heard big oil and Bush were causing prices to escalate. Now the truth is coming out it was the liberal, globalist go green movement causing this problem, the Al Gores of this world.

A friend who works for BASF told me they think oil could reach $200 per barrel in a year. Lets do the math. The most obvious is gas at the pump. Double the price. Then everything at the store just about double it also. EVERYTHING gets delivered by vehicles that use oil. And MANY MANY products use oil to make. If this happens you will see chaos. Prices for the average person will not be bearable. Unemployment will skyrocket.

When you keep hearing anything spoken about for years it usually happens. So I am afraid this forecast could be true.

Obama and the rest of the Gore's of the world are pushing hard for alternative fuel vehicles. Nothing wrong with that if done sensibly by allowing the market to work. And until you do find an alternative you don't restrict and interfere with what you have. Think back to 1880 when engines were first be tinkered with. Can you imagine if the president back then declared war on the horse and raised taxes for feed and breeding? It would of disrupted life and caused major financial problems. The horse was still being used in some place until the 30's. So until a viable alternative mode of transportation is found the gov and EPA need to back off. Go back to the thinking of the 50's through 70's when the back yard mechanic flourished and created some unusual vehicles mostly for the track but thats the kind of ingenuity we need. Remember the Crosley King Midget? It wasn't that big of a seller but got up to 50 to 60 sometimes more MPG and it was cheap. How many of us would go out and buy this little tin can today? What killed it? Emision and safety regulations. We need to downsize and restrict government not the people.

Now about the electric car. Its not the cure all we think. In an AP article by J. Fahey I need to point out a few things. Plugged into a socket an electric car can draw as much power as a small house.. The surge in demand could knock out power to a home or even a neighborhood. We are pushing for these electric cars but will our power grid handle it and what about older homes will they need to upgrade fuse boxes? What about our electric rates, will they increase? If the gov backs out and lets the free market work it will, but it will take time, not mandates.

This Christmas seasons sales were way up. Everyone says this is good news. But is it really? I look at things a little deeper. The only way these numbers would be good for America is if everyone gave gift certificates to restaurants, hotels, hair stylist or massages, plumbers, painters etc... in other words services. By buying more products made in China all it did was send more dollars out of this country and lower the value and raise the trade deficit. Sad but true.

From the rumor mill. A friend told me that she ran into a woman from Euclid who was involved with the Euclid Tea Party. She said this woman told her a certain Euclid councilwoman use to write the Euclid Observer, a local paper that was very critical of the mayor and his policies, lots of people read it. They offered the publisher a position on council and her being elected shut down the news letter. Now the new Euclid Observer is just fluff and people don't like reading it.

In case you haven't figured it out yet here is my prediction for the presidential election in 2012. It will be Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee against Obama and Obama wins big. Keep an eye on Hillary, she is jockeying for positition.
I can tell you why later in detail.
___ ______________
I received two emails with almost the same title this past month, New Boss Same as the Old Boss. How true how true how true!
One was concerning politics in Cuyahoga and the other was the way Ron Paul was being treated by fellow Repubs. I want to add one more to this. Obama signed a free trade deal with korea. Who inititated this? Geo. W..   Obama says it will help our auto industry by removing barriers in Korea. I got news for him. Korea doesn't need our cars. Kia and Hyundai are doing just fine. What this trade deal means is more of their cars dumped here. By By domestic made cars!

Fiat last month was celebrating their return to American shores after a 27 year absence. Thanks to Obama and his brilliant bailout. Chrysler has one of the highest percentage of American parts in their cars, about 65%. That number will fall drastically if they use American parts at all.

My girl Ruth, her friend Fely from the Philippines moved to NJ when she got married. She told Ruth how hard it is in America. And Ruth said she wants to come here because of me, not wealth. She said if she wanted to get rich she wouldn't come to America.

World perception is starting to change. How soon before everyone bails ship

That wraps everything up to close the year. Lets pray I am wrong on all these accounts and things do a major turn around.

Carey Masci

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