Monday, December 13, 2010

Cleveland Sports for December 2010

Hey Gang,
Cleveland may finally get a championship. Yes a new team is coming to our area. We received the OK to have a female lingerie football team play in our community.

They will wear scantly dressed undergarments with all the necessary pads required and helmets. Seven on offense and seven on defense, indoor play league rules. I am wondering would these women be athletes or dancers from a nearby strip club like crazy horse. Would the coaches and referees be male wearing thong striped outs fits. Or would the male cheerleaders be the ones wearing the thongs. What about PSL and season ticket holders, for ticket purchases?

I find this to be completely outrageous. With all the serious problems that we are facing , this is what will save Cleveland and our County.

Whose bright idea was it Dimora or Russo's?
Thanks :
Joe U

Joe I hear and feel your pain. And I am sure housewives will just love lingerie football. Its not bad enough that on Sundays most men are glued staring at the TV screen watching pro-football, now this!

I was asked what pads the women would be wearing. Ummm lets not go there.

This brings new meaning to the term - naked bootleg.

Onto other sports news in our fine city.
Mayor Jackson is already promoting the Gay Games in Cleveland. Nothing like promoting a controversial lifestyle to take our minds off of controversial politics and corruption in the city.

One sponsor they should try to get is Slick 50. After all it is the best lubricant known to man.

Cleveland basketball fans are trying to figure out whats worse, having LeBron here winning 60 games and getting easily knocked out of the playoffs or with him gone and getting knocked out of the playoffs in the first week of the season.

But Browns fans are excited. This has to be the best losing teem Cleveland has had in a long time.

Breaking news... this just in.... Browns are officially eliminated from the playoffs.  No kidding!

The Indians organization aren't going to agressively try selling season tickets, instead they will concentrate on trying to sell - A ticket.

From the land of wait till next year,

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