Friday, December 17, 2010

From tax cuts to 2012

Well is everyone having fun watching the game of chess being played in Washington? If you haven't figured out what is going on let me give you my take.

In short, both sides are already campaigning for the 2012 election. Lets take a closer look at this.

Don't you find it a bit strange that the unemployment benefits that were extended ran out the same time the Bush tax cuts were about to end? Some timing huh?

I have to call the Republicans out first because quite frankly I am tired of the games while my country burns. Lets go back at least the last 4 or 5 elections, probably more. What was the battle cry? You have to elect Republicans to stop the homosexual agenda, we kept hearing about Christian/Conservative causes. Did they do anything while they held majority? Nope. Now it seems they got all the mileage they could out of that and its not that big of a battle cry anymore especially when former first lady Laura Bush says she is OK with same sex marriage.

The new carrot being dangled is tax cuts. You need to elect us to keep the tax cuts in place. They used this in the last election and will continue to use it. If not, why aren't the Repubs in power doing all they can to stall until the newly elected reserves will add to the GOP numbers and instead of a two year extension fight to make the tax cuts permanent? Am I missing something?

And on the other side we are now hearing Pres. Obama say we need to work together and compromise. Where was this talk while his socialist agenda was being pushed on us? Now we need to work together?

Furthermore, Obama promised change but he is using an old playbook, even had to call Bill Clinton in to steady his ship. He realized that he lost a major battle in the November elections. So Obama had to back track, surrender and in 2012 will come out as a moderate and say I extended the tax cuts and lengthened unemployment benefits. Brilliant. The dog and pony show the far left is putting on is just that. They need to keep their liberal/ socialist base happy by fanning the flames of class warfare - tax the rich, give to the poor!

They understand the game plan is almost the same one Slick used. Have the president look and act some what moderate but underneath keep the liberal plan in tact. What they will do is hinder, block and try to make life hell for the GOP. If they could make enough Repubs compromise and screw up, the Conservative Right voters will stay home and whamo we are back to square one and the Left will be back with a vengeance. Every time the Dems get in power its a slow tightening of the noose as more of our liberties are weakened or taken away.

So really nothing has changed maybe the new comers will be different but as of now both parties are up to the same old same old. Its all about winning elections and 2012 rather than doing what is right for this country.

Look at the Blue Dog Democrats that lost. Obama trys to spin it as they lost because they were too moderate and not following the liberal agenda. The truth is the Blue Dogs lost because the Democratic Party did not support their reelection. But hold on, the same scenario played out in the Republican Party. The GOP could of won a few more seats if they would of backed some of the Tea Party candidates as Christine O'Donnell. She didn't follow the establishment plan and they didn't back her.

Which brings us from tax cuts to the 2012 election and who the nominees for president will be. But I know you hate reading anything to long so you will have to wait until my next email.

Carey Masci

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