Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Does anyone else see the irony

Does anyone else see the irony of Glenn Beck's actions?

Taken from WTAM 100:
STRONGSVILLE -- Nearly two feet of snow whipped through Northeast Ohio by Monday night, but that did not stop television and radio host Glenn Beck, or his fans.

Hundreds of Beck fans gathered at Wal Mart in Strongsville for his book tour promoting his latest book "Broke". While staff at the Wal Mart said they expected between 600-800 people for the book signing, less were in attendance due to inclement weather.

Surrounded by three of his own security guards, Beck signed books of those who purchased his latest book at participating Wal Mart's and waited in line. One man had waited in line to get his book signed and to meet Beck since midnight the night before.

Other fans stood in line up to six hours to get their copy of "Broke" signed.

Beck's book tour continues Tuesday in Akron. Along with writing books and hosting a television show on FOX, Beck also hosts his own syndicated radio show which can be heard on WTAM 1100 9:00 am - Noon Monday through Friday.

I also heard that Glenn would not sign the book unless you bought it from Wal Mart and had a receipt. Do you see the irony in this? He is all about saving America and yet he chooses to have a book signing at Wal Mart that has done so much damage to little stores forcing many to close and ruining many cities and towns across America. This is the same Walmart that has shelves filled with cheaply made Chinese products. I am not sure if I follow this mans thinking. IF he was the real deal and wanted to save America and help the little man, why not have book signings across America at smaller or independent stores?

Someone explain.

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