Tuesday, December 07, 2010

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Can it be, nahhh it can't be, not in Cuyahoga County, there can't be anymore hanky panky going on.

Sad! Third world politics are going on here. But really you can blame the voters, the same ones who put criminal slick back in, charlie wrangler and yes the Cleveland shake down artists.
This happened Monday morning:

There will be a meeting of the Cuyahoga County Council-elect tomorrow morning at 8:00 am at the Cleveland State University Levin College of Urban Affairs building in the Bonda room on the second floor. One very significant topic of discussion will likely be the very recent action of a limited number of Democratic members-elect who met in private and at a member's house to select who they wanted to have as their President of Council. If you believe as I do, then you are probably appalled at this display of "corrupt politics as usual" for Cuyahoga county. If you are available to attend this meeting, it would be valuable to have a presence at this meeting to express dissatisfaction at this kind of behavior.

Geoff Rapp
Organizer of the Westlake 9.12 Project
State of Ohio Coordinator, The 9.12 Project

Today my friend Joe sent me his rant about politics as usual in Cleveland.
According to the Plain Dealer and the web, this new county council that was just elected took it upon themselves and held a secret meeting . The meeting was attended by Democrats, that were elected by the people to represent Cuyahoga County to nominate a likely president. I am outraged this new form of government was supposed to bring a new way of doing things, instead we have new faces and the same old mentality going on. Why could not these people wait for the public meeting to occur and air out their problems or issues? No, instead they held a private meeting in the hopes of circumventing the natural process and avoid the transparency that the public was promised when this system was first promoted to us..

We were promise no more closed door deals. These people are acting like the current Euclid Mayor, and doing business in the same manner that he is.

I am glad that I am more of a Populist Democrat vs just a Democrat. I am ashamed at what has recently transpired with this new board. The bonds of promised trust have been compromised ,and now we the people need to be very vigilant of what is happening in the county level.

I wish that the public at large would have voted in more Independents, Republicans, and non political agenda people than what they did. The selection of a leader should have happened during the general assembly meeting, not inside someones home with only a handful of people to the the decision.

Next thing you maybe will see is more of the political favoritism going around that occurred with Dimora and Russo leadership.Or maybe yet this group will take it upon themselves to drop all charges against the guilty.

I ask that all good and decent citizens in Cuyahoga County call, write to, or even write to the newspaper and demand that this highly controversial meeting be rescinded and allow the natural procedures to take place in a public forum.

Both Connally and Miller have done tons of damage that can never be forgiven.

Joe Udovic

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