Saturday, December 03, 2011

The Decision

Today we will find out whether Herman Cain decides to continue his run for the White House or pack it in. I am not a Cain fan because I do not think he is knowledgeable enough for the world stage, his past endorsement of Romney and today’s pr event of whether he will stay in but none the less I find it troubling with what is going on with our system. Politics have always been dirty but has America hit a new low?

In the 70's we had Nixon trying to get dirt on the Democrats with the Watergate break in. In the early 90's Ross Perot ended his bid for presidency when rumors surfaced that the Republican party planned on sabotaging Perot's daughters wedding. And now we have Cain.

The only candidate I know of that escaped infidelity charges was Slick Willy Clinton. In the 80's we had Gary Hart and he quickly became a casualty when it came to light of his cheating. And during the the 2008 election John Edwards sunk when it was revealed he got a woman pregnant. But with Cain this seems to be different. Herman's accusers do not seem the most credible but so much dirt has been thrown around and the waters have been so muddied that Cain could repeatedly say he is innocent but will we ever know the truth or trust him completely? It doesn't take a lot to character assassinate someone, doubt will always linger even if proven innocent.

Something really needs to be done with our campaigning and election process. NO one is perfect, most of us have a past and to some its a past we like to forget. But how far back into ones past do we have to go to see if a candidate qualifies to our standards? To me the time line is ten to fifteen years which I believe is sufficient to set a pattern of behavior. So the previous charges again Cain were a non factor as far as I am concerned but this supposed current affair has been going on thirteen years, that's worrisome.

It is unsettling because if we back the man and we find out these charges are true then the Republican party, the party of Value Voters, the Christian Conservative Right are no better than when the Democrats elected Clinton while the talk of his womanizing was going that continued right into the Oval Office. Do we really need this all over again?

On the other hand if we do not support Cain and then we find out that the charges were trumped up by the establishment, the insiders, the opposition, or by whomever then they won and damaged a mans reputation and maybe a person who would of done an admirable job as president and this could even discourage others in the future of running.

I myself will be watching Cain's decision. If he decides to end his campaign I will pay attention to whom he endorses. If he endorses someone such as Mitt Romney who is very soft on social issues and changed his position on so many others then I think I can draw a positive conclusion of what happened.

Carey Masci

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