Wednesday, December 14, 2011

just a few intersting tidbits

Hey Gang,
I think we are all still in disbelief that Herman Cain dropped out. I thought for sure he was going to say I decided to take my talents and join Dwayne Wade in South Beach.

The public just never fails to amaze me. When Cain's supposed 13 year affair leaked out many of his supporters went to Gingrich who has had as many affairs if not more than Cain.

Obama's new way to tally unemployment is if a person after three months has not found work it is assumed he doesn't want a job and taken off the unemployment list. By doing it this way unemployment will be well below -2% by mid 2012.

Mitt Romney is questioning Newt Gingrich on issues of character. Newt went from being a Lutheran, to Baptist to now being Catholic. Unlike Mitt who has believed in one religion his whole life, even if its a false religion.

Awww I can't help but bring up this old dirt on Mitt, remember when he said he marched with Martin Luther King Jr.? No punch line, I still think its funny.

Perry finally remembered the departments he would cut, but now a new problem, he can't remember why he would cut them.

Who wants to make a $10,000.00 bet? I bet Mitt Romney never read his own book.

Mitt as pres would make an excellent negotiator. I can see him now, I bet you $10,000 Iran has nukes.

That's it for this round.
Carey Masci

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