Saturday, December 10, 2011

Has Glenn Beck been listening to Carey

Friends just about what I have been saying since I made my decision to vote Santorum for president back in April Glenn Beck now echos.
I have been calling Mitt the white Obama and Beck - well, he calls Newt almost the same thing without coming right out and saying it.  But Beck does one up me and calls Newt a progressive
And what does Beck says about Mitt?  He would have a horrific time voting for him.  As I said all along, Mitt is establishment and IF ITS MITT - I SIT! 
Glenn's take on Paul and Santorum?  He is between the two, you can't argue with Paul on fiscal and Constitutional matters but concerning Israel he is with Santorum who he is a big fan of.  I have said that all along.
I will add two more reasons for Santorum, the national security issue of homosexuality and drugs.    YES those two are national security issues.  Paul is to lax on them.
So Tea Party people, the tea party is suppose to be about values, moral, God, country, Constitution, fiscal responsibility.
We found our candidate, its now time to support him.  And NO MORE I like Santorum but he can't win so I like Newt or Mitt.  You are playing right into their socialist web.
Stop saying it and start supporting Santorum.
Carey Masci
 Listen to Glenn Beck here with Judge Napolitano terrific clip about Newt:
Listen to Sarah Palin here:
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