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mitt gets religion - second look

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Friends, let me set the table before you read this email from my archives. I am so glad I have saved all my old writings since all of what is playing out this election is really just a rewind of the '08 election season.

In this writing from 4 years ago the only names you have to change is Rudy Giuliani and replace it with Newt and Huckabee change that to Santorum whom I feel still will be rising to the top and shortly.

For those who may not remember Mitt Romney shunned the Value Voters Debate in Florida in Sept. '07 but when Huckabee made character and religion an issue he panicked and gave that ridiculous religion speech. Mitt's main foe at the time was Rudy until Huckabee rose up but this year Mitt's foe is Newt, and Santorum well he is the Huckabee that will be the Iowa surprise.

Be honest, wouldn't you rather of had Huckabee over a McCain and Obama? Well lets not be regretful again, lets support Santorum.

Give me your feedback.

Carey Masci

--- On Sat, 12/8/07, Carey Masci wrote:

From: Carey Masci

Subject: Mitt Gets Religion

To: "c k m"

Date: Saturday, December 8, 2007, 7:19 AM

Mitt Gets Religion

Did anyone one watch the PR event put on by Mitt? I didn't and I should of known this was coming. Mitt just doesn't get it. Why is he pulling out the religion card when no one brought it up? I'll tell you the reason, the reason is Governor Mike Huckabee, a candidate the Romney camp didn't figure on rising to the top. They now have someone else to contend with other than Rudy.

Suddenly Mitt Romney feels the need to verify his stance on his Mormon faith and God in general. I'm sorry the timing is wrong and way to late. Where was Mitt during the Value Voters debate in September? If he was so concerned that people understand his religion why didn't he attend it and make his beliefs known then? This issue would of been settled months ago. But now he is trying to look religious to the Conservative Right which was not a concern of his until Huckabee started wooing them to his side. Now its a priority.

There is two ways to go with your faith, you can either live it by example such as Rep. Ron Paul or you can come right out such as Allen Keyes or Mike Huckabee have and say this is my faith and what I believe. But for Mitt to give a speech weeks before the primaries open is an act of desperation.

Mitt doesn't understand that his Mormon religion is not as much of a concern as him changing positions on issues, especially on moral and social importance. I am not a Catholic or a Baptist but would vote for Allen Keyes or Mike Huckabee as our religions agree on whats most important from one God, the Virgin birth, Jesus, the crucifixion and resurrection. Likewise I may vote for a moral conscience Mormon BUT one that is consistent with his beliefs.

Which Mitt should we believe in, the one that now says he is pro-life and family or the previous one that was pro-choice and supporter of the homosexual lifestyle? If as he says he is now pro-life and family did this conversion come on suddenly and recent or was he dishonest in his views running for Senate and Governor of Massachusetts and lied to get elected? Either way can we trust him that his beliefs are genuine and cemented to the right or will he change back once elected?

Same with the issue of illegals. Mitt attacked Mayor Rudy Giuliani for NY city being a sanctuary city but in Massachusetts the state he was governor there were three sanctuary cities plus he had illegals working at his mansion. These are the reasons why Mitt Romney is falling and Mike Huckabee is rising to the top not because of his Mormon religion. It has to do with character and being firm in beliefs. I have never heard Rep. Ron Paul waiver in his views or Mike Huckabee, that's what America is looking for, a leader with a strong stance.

Since Mitt brought up the religion card I will leave him with Matthew 5:37 which reads: But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No. Or saying it in modern political language it would read simply: Don't be a flip flopper.

Carey K. Masci

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