Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Easter message 2013

Today with the constant attack on Christians and Christian beliefs worldwide we are worried Christianity is being phased out. Why?  This is nothing new.  Lets look back at the crucifixion to understand today's anti-Christianity movement.
When Jesus was crucified was it because he was evil? Was it because he was a thief, murderer? Nope, it was for none of those reasons. In fact Jesus was blameless without fault. So why did they crucify him? They crucified Jesus because he had the truth and was the truth. The truth bothered people same as it does today.
The Jews and the overly religious thought lets get rid of the guy; we have it so good he’s disrupting our lives. If the people find out Jesus is the way and the truth they will follow him and we will lose our standing. So they crucified him thinking they could get rid of the truth and just continue on with their lives.
Life was good, they got rid of their problem until suddenly - Jesus returned from the grave. Truth won out. Soon followers of Christ started proclaiming the news. Something had to be done to stop this. So the followers of Christ were pursued and beaten some to their death to rid the land of the truth. But it had a reverse affect it didn't stop the truth.  The truth spread and spread and spread.
This same scenario is repeated throughout history as it is today; evil rulers, false religions, worldly sinners one after the other have tried extinguishing the truth all for their own gain, pleasure or to quiet their conscience.  No matter how hard they try to ban the truth it survives and flourishes and the gospel continues to be proclaimed. They just don't understand that when Jesus defeated death truth was released, you cannot kill the truth.
So don't worry about what laws are passed or how hard it is on Christians and Christianity just worry about if you know the truth and if you do you will survive, if not in this age for eternity.
That's the Easter message, knowing the Truth.

Carey Masci

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