Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Platform or Candidate

It's all about get out the vote. Its sad but true its all about vote getting. It doesn't matter what ideology or past voting record the candidate may have its all about getting people to go out and vote. It doesn't matter how its done, fear, manipulation, lies as long as you get people to vote for your man or cause. Get out the vote. Its like fast food. Its no longer about selling a good product its about sales and selling the brand name. Both major parties do it.

That’s why I don't fill out political questionnaires anymore. I use to feel so much part of the process telling the two parties my opinion. I felt that I was making a difference. I wasn't. The questionnaires the political parties and the affiliate groups send out are to gather information. They in turn use these questionnaires to shape their platform which for the most part they don't intend on following. It has nothing to do with choosing candidates or molding the party. It has to do with talking points of what you want to hear and what ads to run to get their man elected.

Here is a smoking gun statement by a fellow Republican.

* "What we need to be able to do is get people excited about the cause, about what the Republican Party stands for so that they want to be involved regardless of who our nominee is," said Steve Duprey, an RNC committeeman from New Hampshire.

Mr. Duprey it appears you slept through the 2012 presidential election. The GOP tried this scenario with Mitt and in 2008 with McCain. Republicans did all they could to rally their base by running on platform regardless of the candidate and they lost. Do you think its time that maybe we find a candidate that matches the party platform? I do and so do many others who stayed home or voted third party this past election.

A GOP chairman hi-lighted this very fact when he brought up to me that the party platform hasn't changed in other words I still should be supporting it. In response I told him you fail to recognize along with many others that there are those of us who firmly believe in the platform. But what good does it do to go out campaign, promote, argue and at times alienate people from you for defending the platform only for our elected Republican officials to mock it or not defend it?

In years past I was very much indeed a platform voter and eagerly defended it. My good friend Rich tried telling me back in 2008 he has had enough of the two party system, all this back and forth saws down the tree, its getting America deeper and deeper in trouble. I in turn told him the Republican platform is Godly and Consititutional. Voting for it you are doing what is right and if the Republicans who do get elected don't follow the platform its on them not you, at least you did what was right. I have since changed my views and couldn't agree more with Rich. A parties platform is only as good as the elected officials we vote in.

As a precinct committeeman unless I am totally mistaken I have done exactly what I am suppose to do which is defend the platform, promote the party, and help elect Republicans. In that order. But I cannot defend the platform all the while promoting liberal candidates such as Mitt or currently Portman. So anyone who has distanced themselves from me and others like myself all the while screaming we have to stop regionalism, stop same sex marriage, stop taxes but them go out and campaign for people like Mitt while ignoring, again, people such as myself are in it strictly for the Republican party, politics, a career or blind uninformed sheep.

Isn't it time our elected Republican officials support their own party platform? And if we are voting for them shouldn't we expect them to do it? Or are we strictly voting for Republican candidates at any cost and it doesn't matter where they stand or how they legislate?

Carey Masci

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