Monday, April 01, 2013

Excellent response to Joe Biden's "Buy a shotgun" and gun eduaction

Friends this is being sent a bit late as I was waiting for a response.  Please read it, its good info.

I asked a good friend who wanted to remain anonymous to give me an education regarding this clip.  Was it true.
Click here: HILARIOUS: Women take Joe Biden’s shotgun advice » The Right Scoop -

He writes an AR15 is basically a 22 but shoots the bullet at a much greater speed.
He also includes.... This is a pretty good article, a little technical. When you get to the comments you will see someone talking about the size difference of the cartridge (combustion chamber). The bullet being the projectile itself, and the cartridge is where the primer and powder to propel the bullet is.

I don't know if it discusses speed, but the faster ammunition usually penetrate deeper, that is why the larger .45 ACP (sub sonic or less than 1000 feet per second) did not penetrate the pipe and the 9mm (super sonic)did.

Also, ammunition is rated by kinetic energy, the amount of energy expelled into the target at impact. The 9mm and .38 special are the same size as the .357SIG and .357 magnum, but the cartridge is larger on both of these rounds. They move faster and dump more energy into the target

Bottom line .22 and .223 are easier to shoot than a 12 gauge shotgun, but at close range the shotgun is devastating without peer. I think there are 9 .32 caliber BB in a 12 gauge 00 buckshot round. Think if getting hit at 10-15 feet with that, you are gonna get something vital and even Keannu Reeves in the Matrix couldn't dodge it.

I have to go clean my guns now.

Thank you for the education.  The rest of what Joe Biden says is beyond ridiculous.  Go outside and shoot your gun?  Gee now you are outside, just emptied your gun, how will you defend yourself?

Carey Masci

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