Friday, April 12, 2013

Silly America

Some old some new and before you ask YES I wrote these. And remember it is political humor. So after laughing or getting mad at me which ever comes first think of the point behind them. That is if there is one.

Because of the sequester the airshow is canceled. Cleveland may not be seeing planes and jets fly over the city but just wait fairies will be seen flying over as the Gay Games are still scheduled.

Did you notice every interview the major networks did about same sex marriage they had a homosexual giving his opinion? Not one minister or straight person was asked his beliefs. Isn't this like asking Jerry Sandusky advice on baby sitting male children?

Sen. Portman is for same sex marriage and Gov. Kasich is for civil unions. Pretty soon when people say they saw a pink elephant you will no longer think they've been drinking, you'll think they saw the GOP elephant

The recent cold weather has been blamed on global warming. I guess using that logic the global starvation problem can be blamed on the obesity epidemic.

One million school children in the US are now homeless. The biggest challenge facing these students is - where do they do homework?

Obama wants to raise the minimum wage to $9.00 and also allow illegals to stay. His logic - With minimum wage that high who could afford to pay it so we need illegals to do cheap labor.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un may seems nuts but he has a solid economic plan. Kim isn't worried at all if America blows up Korea. He knows if America does they will either rebuild Korea or buy cars and trucks from them.

From the Yellow Springs News this is a real gem.
Historic Barr house built in 1844 to be razed in controlled burn. Locals are upset that it isn't being saved.

These two sentences are taken exactly as they are written from the article, one on top of the other:

The house is to rotted to be renovated, he said and the presence of large of amounts of lead paint rendered renovation prohibitively costly. According to Chief Altman all dangerous materials, such as lead paint and asbestos, will have been removed by the date of the burn......

OKKKKKK so removing lead paint is to costly to save a historic house built in 1844 but removing lead paint for a burn isn't? Help me understand this.

Silly America – May God help us!

Carey Masci

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