Tuesday, April 06, 2010

An email to my democratic friend

An email I sent to a friend, only the name was changed.

Jane Doe,
I am waving the white flag. All this back and forth is totally non-productive for both of us.
I quit sending you emails for awhile but then when Euclid started up on me and I was on the radio I resumed. I thought for sure you would want to know what was going on. Also, that was my biggest defense BLASTING OUT EMAIL AFTER EMAIL TO LET EVERYONE KNOW in hopes that one of them would land on the right desk.

I am sure you would agree that high gas prices are killing us, I am sure you would agree something needs to be done with job loss, I am sure you would agree and are against Ohio state parks charging entrance fee's, I am sure you would agree with the illegal alien mess and every time you call anywhere it says press one for English, I am sure you would agree its wrong to use your money to help someone pay for an abortion, and I am sure you would agree with this gay agenda being forced on us.
Those are just a few of the major issues facing this country. I am sure you would agree something needs to be done.

I have been at this just about my whole life reading and studying politics. I see what is happening to our country. Try to buy something made in America, almost impossible. Cities are completely run down. THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of houses in foreclosure. RULES AND MORE RULES AND MORE LAWS passed just about daily. Your friend here, Carey, sat in jail because he had a nephew living in his house. Is this the America you want?

As for our different religious beliefs where you believe in the phrase separation of church and state, that doesn't exist. BUT in your defense and in the defense of religion, the America of years ago, both ideologies coexisted peacefully. I don't know of any true believer that will force their beliefs on you as well as you shouldn't force us to take down crosses or other such practices that violate freedom of faith.
Christianity's basis is one of tolerance, preach the gospel and if people don't accept it move on. Most true Christians I know fight things with their vote, informing others and legal protests. ALL very American principles. You get rid of the tolerance and loving nature of the Gospel and America turns into a very evil place where none of those attributes exist. Ask someone who lives in a Muslim or a Communist country if they enjoy the freedoms we do.

So just remember I send you emails and inform you of what is happening to OUR country not to win an argument or to prove that I am right but to save this nation from further ruin.

Its up to you if you want to continue if not I wave the white flag. Nothing is accomplished by arguing.

Sincerely Your Friend,

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