Thursday, August 26, 2010

cleveland makes the national news, micro chips

Hey Gang, Most of you know by know about Cleveland making the national news and once again for a horrible reason. But if you haven't heard you really won't believe this one.

Cleveland made the news because they will be putting micro chips in trash cans to make sure you recyle and if you don't they will find out and fine you $100. Watch this clip.

I asked a friend how do we fight this??? She responded with this:

I am not sure we fight, I believe we assert our rights and it may take a class action lawsuit to do it. I will consult with the attorney who wrote the petitions for me and see what he says.

I am not paying the garbage tax. I haven’t put out garbage since December 31, 2009 so I have no intention of paying the tax. It was misrepresented to people therefore, why should anyone pay it?

I have received my second water bill of the year and they have carried the amount forward from the first billing. I have no intention of paying it this time either. I wrote them a two page letter explaining the situation. They made no reply.
If they show up with two garbage cans for my house, I will refuse them. They are not welcome here, nor are they useful to me. The entire city of taxpayers doesn’t have to pay for my garbage cans.

It is all a joke.

I will refuse just like I refused to answer any more questions on the census than how many people lived in my house. They sent four different census takers to my property. I told them all the same---I am answering the only question I am responsible to answer. When they asked me if I was “refusing” to answer, I said no, I am answering to the question of how many people live in my house.

It is all a joke.

I would recommend reading the 5000 year leap. The city has no delegated authority from me as a citizen of the city to “force” me to accept services or goods for which I don’t want, didn’t pay for and therefore will refuse to put on or in my property. M.

Friends you best take heed of what I am saying and get ready. People will not be putting up with this much longer. Its going to get ugly.

I also recommend making a contact sheet of friends and acquaintances, people that will stick by you, as more people are issued warrants for refusing this intrusive socialist government, you will need to fill the court rooms with friends and supporters. Trust me. Remember how Euclid arrested me for having my nephew stay in my house? This is no joke. Micro chips in trash cans!! What next? You arm???

Carey Masci

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