Tuesday, August 24, 2010

just when you thought cleveland can't get any goofier

Hey Gang,

Ya just got to love living in the Cleveland area. Every time you think its can't get much worse or sillier Cleveland one ups herself.

Corruption, a city run by Dems, trash cans with microchips, house inspections, corruption, sports curses, corruption, a city run by Dems, and now a Bring your dog to a ballgame promotion? This town really has gone to the dogs.

On August 26Th at Progressive Stadium you can bring your pooch to an Indians game! That's rights for only $30 you can buy a Dog Package (1 person & 1 dog), additional humans only $15.00.

Can you imagine being an Indians player showing up every home game to a mostly empty stadium and then one day its filled with dogs? It has to do something to your self esteem.

So I bring to you.... The Top Ten Things that will be said during this dog gone game.

Number 10: You know I had a choice to bring my wife or my dog to this game....

Number 9. Who is going to throw out the first biscuit.

Number 8. And now to sing our National Anthem 3 Dog Night

Number 7. I thought only the Cleveland Browns had a dog pound.

Number 6. clean up in section A, clean up in the upper deck, clean up in the bleachers, clean up.....

Number 5. Bring in the south paw.

Number 4. This is an excellent promotion since the Indians are always under dogs.

Number 3. Dog out on the field.

Number 2. Drop the ball now!

And Theee Number 1 thing that will be said at the Doggie promotion is...

I bet Cleveland's Hispanic players will run when they see the Border Collies.

Gotta GoGo!!
Carey Masci

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