Sunday, August 29, 2010

i truly do not understand the times we live

Hey Gang,

I truly truly do not understand the times we are living in. So many people keep saying the same thing. This is not the America I know. Nothing is making sense.

For instance. Neil Cavuto last week had Mort Zuckerman on as a guest. They were discussing the Bush tax cuts which are about to expire. Mort is for ending the tax breaks. Neil asked Mort if it would be better if they were delayed a year before ending them? Mort answered with Never is a good time to do it. Then why in blue blazes is Mort for ending the tax cuts if never is a good time to do it?? Can you explain this to me???

Another liberal host was grilling a Republican senator over and over and over again with - Would you say that the Bush tax cuts are costing the US billions? The Republican kept saying spending needs to be brought under control and slashed. You screwball host... he did answer you, if you would get spending under control you wouldn't need billions of dollars from people. The tax cuts aren't costing the US billions, spending is! Someone tell me, am I making sense here?

And what about McCain winning again? Has he done anything all these years about the illegal alien mess in Arizona? Has he acted as a true conservative? And yet they reelect him. So much for getting rid of Rhinos.

And then we have the 2 faces of Sarah. Sarah Palin campaigned in Alaska for attorney Joe Miller, a self-described constitutional conservative and someone who had the backing of the Tea Party. But then Sarah campaigned for McCain in Arizona. IF she is truly about country first then she should of forgot about paybacks. Unless she is just in it for the ride and money.
During my battle with Euclid the previous attorneys I had all said be quiet and no more writing. But when I hired Tim Grendel he said sure you can write about whats happening JUST BE TRUTHFUL.
 Well friends if we are trying to change things we need to put a face to our writings, meaning a name. To many times I am sent something and people say you can forward it but delete my name. What good does that do? When that is done it makes it seem that the email was something made up. I understand not forwarding email addresses because of spammers but a first and last name should be included. Many times people ask me if they can forward my writings and then they say I can take your name off. I immediately say NO send it as is. If its the truth what do I have to hide. If we are trying to change things we need to be bold and stand up for our cause. Think about it.

SO MANY laws and NEW taxes and NEW fines are being passed daily. I just can't believe it or keep up. We no longer have to be fearful of just foreign countries or even radical Islam. There is a much greater threat to our lives and liberties. Its our own elected officials, our peers, as they are selling us right into bondage all in the name of raising revenue for the government. No longer is it the government of the people, its the government against the people and they are forcing us to support them. As with my battle with Euclid. I finally worded it correctly when I told someone, I can no longer afford to support Euclid. And that sums it up perfectly.

Carey Masci

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