Thursday, October 06, 2011

carey's irreverent look at recent headlines

Maybe its the sudden cool air that brought back my creativity again.  I mean its hard to see any humor in whats been going on lately.  High unemployment of over 10%, gas at or near 4 bucks the whole summer.  But I guess there is the bright side to everything, if you're unemployed you don't have to worry about the high gas prices to go to and from work.

Before you read this remember don't stone the comedian, throw the rocks at the joker who created the fodder for the humor below.
A woman who killed her newlywed husband and chopped and cooked his body parts back in 1991 is seeking release from a California prison.  Her defense was a sandwich is a sandwich but a manwich is a meal.

Romney is being urged to break from Republicans and run third party.
Possible new names for the party would be  Which way the wind blows party or I was against it before I was for it but I could be against it again party and his choice for VP would be John Kerry. 

Mitt Romney said that he loves the Tea Party so much he wants to buy one for his own.

Herman Cain will appear on the cable tv show curb appeal.  He said the first thing you want to make sure is that you don't have a larger boulder as a drive way marker that says niggerhead. Tha's not to appealin'.

Michelle Obama went to Africa on vacation.  If she really wanted to see black people in need and save America a whole lot of money, she should of stayed here in the US and visit any inner city.

Michelle Obama defended her vacation ala queen style and said all she was trying to do was stimulate the economy.

China is all behind Obama's job plan for new roads.  They are also very excited that Portland cement may be made in China soon. 

Republicans have come up with a far simpler jobs plan of their own.  Its called fire Obama and put people back to work. 

Labor Unions are flocking to NY City.  And in typical Union fashion while they stand around and protest the rest of America goes to work.

So Governor Chris Christy has decided not to run.  Some say its his weight.  I think they are wrong, we are against big government - not big governors.

The NBA is going on strike.  This is a BIG ouch.  Unemployment for blacks under Obama has reached new highs and now this. 

                                                      And that's a wrap. 
                                                        Carey Masci
                   Maybe I should of used my pen name for this one, Ima Hiding

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