Wednesday, October 26, 2011

the shift is beginning, back to Conservatism

RICK SANTORUM: He likes to compare his campaign to the “little engine that could.” The former Pennsylvania senator’s persistence has started to pay off in the Hawkeye State. He outperformed expectations by coming in fourth in the straw poll, and he’s logged more days in Iowa — 58 as of last week — than any other candidate.

Vander Plaats said he hears more consistently from key conservative organizations about Santorum than any other candidate. “I believe he’s going to do way better than expected,” he said.

Santorum gets ignored in the national media and has to fight for time during debates, although he’s generally made good use of the time he’s allotted. He loves the underdog position and knows how to use it to his advantage. If he unifies home-schoolers and religious conservatives, he could shoulder into the top tier at the caucus. Kathie Obradovich

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