Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mitt Romney Man of Integrity

Did you watch the debate? Poor desperate Perry! Of all things he could of attacked Mitt on he reached wayyyyyyy back to 2007 or was it '06 about the illegals working at Mitts mansion. There are so many other facts to bring out about Mitt that are way more relevant.

I tried my best to locate the article about that in my vast resource of at least 600 articles or emails that I have written or researched on various topics. But no luck but I did find an email titled Mitt Romney man of Integrity that I sent out on January, 2008 when I was a delegate for Mike Huckabee. Read these links and you will understand, at least I hope you do, of why I have been trying to derail the Mitt train.

Tell me your thoughts about these links.,1,2954108.story?coll=la-headlines-nation

This link is from a 2007 email.

About the debate... I thought Bachman looked very very good, Santorum is still the most Conservative with no bells and whistles to prop him up, Newt had his good moments and Ron Paul is still pluggin' away never waiveing on his message that America is broke. Decent debate.

The Mitt & Perry Show though is getting old very quickly. They need a 30 minute sitcom. It would be a hit. Sort of like the Odd Couple but political style. I would love to be the writer for it.

Carey Masci

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