Wednesday, October 26, 2011

issue 2 thoughts

Something to think about.

Euclid City Council approved fees billed to home owners for street lighting (YES street lights!) and a fee for garbage collection to avert layoffs in the police and fire departments and yet council recently voted to endorse their oppostion to Issue 2.

BUT Issue 2 IF passed would save the city money and avert lay offs ANDDDD maybe if the city is generous to us over taxed tax payers could even rescind the street and trash fees.

Does Euclid councils decision make sense to oppose Issue 2??

Councilwoman Minarik the woman of reason and common sense on Euclid council voted not to oppose Issue 2.

Read this story sent to me by my good friend Rowe in Ca. it will also help with your decision on 2.

Vote smart, inform yourself.

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