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Continuing On from March 4th - Jan Brewer

Jan Brewer, that's where I left off on March 4th.  Well what do you think of Governor Brewer’s decision to veto SB 1062?  SB 1062 would have allowed a person or business to refuse service to homosexuals and lesbians if it violated their religious beliefs.  That’s a very condensed version of the bill.

Brewer along with many others right now have totally lost their understanding of the first amendment and what is morally correct.  A person should have the option not to give service to an individual if they feel it violates their religious beliefs.  The media and those who are bent on driving any sort of religion from America have found the way to do this by beating into our subconscious that homosexuals are the same as any other ethnic minority.  Regardless of what they say and how they try to promote it, homosexuality is not a race, nationality or even a person, it is a behavior; and if one’s business is such where serving a same sex couple will legitimize their relationship such as a bed & breakfast or a church just to name two out of many the proprietor should be allowed to refuse. 

 But should we be surprised by a Republican governor ruling as such?  Not at all.  It was another Republican governor from California named Ronald Reagan who vetoed a similar bill called the Briggs Initiative which would have barred homosexuals and lesbians from teaching in California public schools.  That veto gave footing and confidence to radical homosexual to push forward their agenda.

There is so much more to this constant promoting of homosexuality than two people loving each other.  There is population control by the save the earth people and control the people by globalist’s who would love to see our Republic fall.  How is the homosexual movement part of the globalist’s plan?  Confuse the masses especially the young of what is right, lowering of standards and morals, and push out religion under the guise that it is hindering ones freedom.  When everything unravels it is fertile ground for a dictator or communist government to step in to take control of the confusion.

 Is that why Obama is pushing so hard promoting homosexuality?  Is it more than him possibly being one?  Or are the two combined?

In the book the Secret Society by Jan Karski lowering of morals was one of Hitlers weapons to control Poland.  Karski also wrote there was one concentration camp they feared the most, it was the one with the homosexual prison guards.

            During my research I found:

An excerpt from it: 

 It’s commonly accepted that Hitler targeted homosexuals for extermination — just as he did the Jews.  "Not so," says Stephan Ross, the Newton resident who is the founder of the Holocaust Museum in Boston.  And he should know. Ross was there. He lived, and almost died, in Nazi prison camps from the age of 9 to 14.  And while the abuse of the Nazis took many forms, he says he was sexually molested more than once by homosexual Nazi prison guards. He knew it was also going on with other prisoners, "although I didn’t go looking for it." He estimates that about 20 percent of those guarding Jewish prisoners were homosexual. And he says that Hitler may have taken a public stance against homosexuals, but he believes that stance was simply a device to round up Catholic priests or others Hitler wanted to remove from society.

The homosexual agenda that is being forced upon us has a far more sinister side.  Is it done to take our eyes off of  the impending economic doom or the government and its one world order plans?  Could militant homosexuals who threaten everyone and anything that oppose them could they be used for the revival of Storm Troopers that crush Christians and the Christian way of life to implement all of this?  History does repeat itself and man never learns.

About the Malaysian airplane, this is my thinking from the beginning. Terrorism is a proud evil.  If it was any of the main Jihadist groups or one of many militant Islam factions they would be hailing this victory, something else is at stake.  Can this be a plot for us to get the go ahead to bomb Iran?

To be continued.....
Carey Masci

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David Macko said...

Brewer showed her cowardice. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 should be repealed. Until that Communist law is abolished, there is no private property in land or liberty in America.