What is going on with the Republican Party?  Here is another horrendous bill that violates religious freedom and threatens to make Christians criminals sponsored by Republican LaRose from Ohio State Senate District 27.

I learned about this bill from a Summit County Tea Party meeting.  Speaking was Caleb Davenport who has never run for office but because of SB125 he was pushed into action.  Caleb actually started tearing and had to regain composure before he continued.  He said friends were are in trouble, America is in trouble.....

In short this bill would make it illegal for any Christian to refuse service to any homosexual or transgender.  If you run a family bed and breakfast, family resort, make wedding cakes, photographer you could not refuse.  There is an exemption for churches but we know that this is only temporary once the bill passes those exemptions will be removed through more legislation.

Ready to read a mile plus long bill?

I hope you get to know your true Christians friends real well as we may be sharing jail cells and maybe soon.

Carey Masci