Tuesday, March 04, 2014

So Many thoughts…..

So Many thoughts…..

So many thoughts where do I begin????
February just ended, a month that I don’t particularly like.  The anticipation of March and warmer weather makes this month drag on an on, thank goodness for the Winter Cookout/Freeze Fest.

There is another reason why I dislike February.  It is black history month. I get nauseated of the constant reminder of all things black.  To me it is racist to designate a month or even a day to a certain race or nationality.  Sure we have St. Patrick’s Day and Columbus Day that the Irish and Italians have adopted as their own but it isn’t designated as an Irish or Italian day.  

Our Declaration of Independence states - We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.  ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL, I will be bringing this up again later.  So why are we giving a full month to one race especially when a day in January is given to honor Martin Luther King Jr. which really is a black holiday? 

  What about the countless caucasians and other races who gave their lives for the cause of freedom to free the slaves and give equal rights to blacks?  What about those who were raised without any form of prejudism this designation of a certain month for black history makes even less sense. 

Black history month has done nothing to unify this nation but has divided it further.  It’s time that blacks recognize that they have more than arrived and to quit looking back and embrace the future.  Never forget the past but quit living in it.  .

 At least this year the Olympics took the spotlight off black history which made it a bit more palatable.  It’s the first time in many years that I watched most of the Olympics from the opening ceremony on. My mental notes during the opening parade of nations when America walked out was of disgust.  Teem USA was chanting U-S-A over and over again.  It’s one thing to show pride hooting and hollering during an event between cities or states but it’s another thing when you are representing a country.  I thought it was classless.  What did all this ranting get America that should have easily won more medals than the other countries especially since we had over 220 competing?  It got us a distant second place finish to Russia and barely above third place Norway.   U-S-A maybe we should be shouting back You-A-Shamed?

 Even more unsettling, a hundred times more unsettling, is the constant barrage of homosexuals and lesbians.  I found it even hard to watch some of the male ice skaters because of their feminine actions and way of talking.  Remember they were representing the US.  Is this what we want the world to see us as? 

What about pro-sports.  Why is it even news when an athlete announces he is a homosexual?  Why is the media playing it over and over again as if it’s some great feat?  What are we celebrating?

 Referring back to the Declaration of Independence it states - We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.  ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL.  Got that?  All men.  But what isn’t created equal?  Behavior.  This homosexual behavior is frowned upon by all major religions.  The pushing of this behavior is an all out attack on religion and our beliefs.  It will never be accepted by the majority of people so it will have to be forced on us and unfortunately it may come with jail time and or fines if we don’t.  What people do behind closed doors is their business; I am just tired of the constant pushing and trying to make us accept it.  And for most of us, we never will. 

So tell me how are all you Republicans feeling about Governor Jan Brewer now?

To be continued…..

Carey Masci

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